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The Curious Writer eBook (5e)

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For courses in First-Year Composition - Rhetoric.


Puts inquiry at the heart of good writing

We write to learn as much as we do to express what we already know. In his remarkably personal and engaging voice, Bruce Ballenger makes that powerful concept central to The Curious Writer


The Curious Writer doesn’t read like a textbook or provide a formula for composing essays. Instead, it encourages students to suspend judgment, to ask questions, and to seek answers much like academics do. Yet it covers a wide range of genres beyond the academic essay—narrative, profile, review, ethnography, argument, and more—all with a distinctive approach and “personality” that is lacking in other texts. It also reinforces the assumption that genres are malleable with a new chapter on repurposing or “re-genre-ing.”


Students love that this book helps them learn to write by pursuing their own curiosity. Teachers appreciate that Ballenger gives students ample opportunity to develop the habits of mind necessary to become critical thinkers and curious writers.

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Table of contents
  • Writing as Inquiry
  • Reading as Inquiry
  • Writing a Personal Essay
  • Writing a Profile
  • Writing a Review
  • Writing a Proposal
  • Writing an Argument
  • Writing an Analytical Essay
  • Writing an Ethnographic Essay
  • Research Techniques
  • Using and Citing Sources
  • Re-Genre: Repurposing Your Writing for Multimedia Genres
  • Revision Strategies
  • Appendix A. The Writer’s Workshop
  • Appendix B. The Writing Portfolio
  • Appendix C. The Annotated Bibliography
Features & benefits
  • NEW! A completely new chapter on repurposing (“re-genre-ing”) writing encourages students to transform academic writing into contemporary genres including blogs, audio and video podcasts, infographics, and more. In these transformations, students gain a deeper rhetorical knowledge of genre conventions, strengths, and limitations.
  • NEW! A thoroughly reorganised and revised chapter on argument now offers clearer, more comprehensive guidance on what an argument is and how to write one.
  • NEW! A significantly revised chapter on critical analysis widens its focus beyond literature to include images, objects, ads, and more–any “texts” in our lives that may have ambiguous meanings.
  • NEW! A significantly revised section on research includes updated information about data searches, a new section on online interviews and surveys, and new student and professional essays.
  • Taking the approach that all writing involves research and inquiry, research is treated as an organic part of the writing process.
  • The revision process is covered throughout the writing assignment chapters to emphasise that revision is a key recursive component of all writing.
  • A strong emphasis on critical reading skills supports the belief that writing and reading are complementary skills. 
  • By using a strong personal voice that connects with students,  Ballenger motivates student writers who see how professional writers have faced and handled the same challenges. 
  • Up-to-date coverage of digital writing includes tips on using Web-based search and research tools as well as advice on how to get the most out of a variety of software.
  • Strong pedagogical support consists of full-length writing assignments in each inquiry chapter, numerous shorter writing and reading exercises, and helpful boxed features. 
  • Easy-to-use handbook at the back provides detailed treatment of grammar, sentence mechanics, style, and punctuation. 
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