The Paralegal Professional eBook (5e) : 9780134139395

The Paralegal Professional eBook (5e)

Goldman,T et al
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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About the book: For courses in Paralegal Studies. Build a strong foundation in Paralegal Studies.

Since the publication of the First Edition of The Paralegal Professional, the paralegal profession plays an increasingly more important role in the delivery of legal services. The Paralegal Professional provides students with the conceptual knowledge, analytical skills, and firm understanding of ethical issues they need to succeed as paralegals in today’s legal environment. The book is shaped by insights of real legal professionals with whom paralegals work to offer relevant information for use in the workplace. The text illuminates specific tasks and roles paralegals will play in the workplace to fully prepare them to enter the field. The 5th Edition builds a foundation of knowledge which students can augment as they work towards a profession in the field of law.

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Table of contents
  • Part I: The Paralegal Profession
  • 1. The Paralegal Profession
  • 2. Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • 3. The Paralegal Workplace
  • 4. Technology and the Paralegal
  • Part II: Introduction to Law
  • 5 American Legal Heritage and Constitutional Law
  • 6. The Court System and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • 7. Civil Litigation
  • 8. Criminal Law and Procedure
  • 9. Administrative Law
  • Part III: Paralegal Skills
  • 10. Interviewing and Investigation Skills
  • 11. Legal Writing and Critical Legal Thinking
  • 12. Legal Research
  • Part IV Legal Subjects
  • 13. Torts and Product Liability
  • 14. Contracts and E-Commerce
  • 15. Property Law
  • 16. Estates and Elder Law
  • 17. Family Law
  • 18. Agency, Employment, and Immigration Law
  • 19. Business Organizations and Bankruptcy Law
  • 20. Intellectual Property and Digital Law
  • Appendix A How to Brief a Case
  • Appendix B National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc.
  • Appendix C Model Standards and Guidelines for Utilization of Legal Assistants—Paralegals
  • Appendix D Federal Court Name Abbreviations
  • Appendix E Effective Learning: How to Study
  • Appendix F The Constitution of the United States of America
  • Appendix G Internet Resources
  • Appendix H Glossary of Spanish Equivalents for Important Legal Terms
Features & benefits

The Paralegal Professional uses the following features to facilitate learning:


Text organisation is both logical and flexible

  • Part 1: The Paralegal Profession introduces students to the paralegal profession, its career opportunities, the paralegal workplace, ethics, regulation, and the use of technology on the job.
  • Part 2: Introduction to Law provides an overview of law and the American legal system and introduces students to three areas of procedure: civil, criminal, and administrative.
  • Part 3: Paralegal Skills introduces students to interviewing, investigation, traditional and online legal research, and writing and critical thinking in the legal field.
  • Part 4: Legal Subjects overviews the most common individual legal areas of practice along with employment opportunities within those areas.


UPDATED! The text has been fully updated to ensure consistency in coverage, use of terminology, and improved readability

  • UPDATED! Chapter 1 includesnew information on current and future opportunities in the legal profession, including existing and proposed state certification requirements.
  • UPDATED! Chapter 2 has new information on the practice of e-filing and its related ethical issues. New “Working with the Language of Law” assignments have also been added.
  • REVISED! Chapter 3 was substantially rewritten to improve the flow of topics, including updating of all forms.
  • REVISED! Chapter 4 has been rewritten to include new material and coverage of the contemporary use of technology in the law office, specifically by the paralegal.
  • NEW! Chapter 5 presents the U.S. Supreme Court case Obergefell v. Hodges regarding same-sex marriage in the language of the court.
  • UPDATED! Chapter 7’s discussion of the role of the paralegal in the litigation process has been revised to include a new case. At the end of the chapter, a new “Working with the Language of the Court” assignment has been added, as well as descriptions of the civil litigation paralegal, the corporate paralegal, and the litigation support paralegal that reflect contemporary practice.  
  • UPDATED! Chapter 10 has been expanded to include two new cases in the chapter and a new “Working with the Language of the Law” assignment at the end of the chapter.
  • UPDATED! Chapter 11 chart comparing ALWD 5th edition and Blue Book 19 is updated.
  • NEW! Chapter 12 has been thoroughly updated and now covers legal research engines and search options.
  • UPDATED! Case law and applications have been added to all substantive law chapters.
  • NEW! Chapter 18 includes expansive new material on immigration law, along with a discussion of the role of paralegal professionals and career opportunities in the growing field of immigration law.


UPDATED! Pedagogical features enhance engagement and learning

  • NEW! Nine “Developing Your Collaborative Skills” cases have been added that are designed to be used for group discussions, either in or outside of class.
  • NEW! 19 “Legal Analysis Writing Cases” have been added as end-of-chapter-assignments and are designed to allow students to analyse cases and reach reasoned decisions based on applying relevant law to the facts of the case.
  • NEW! Seven “Working with the Language of the Court Cases” are entirely in the original language of the courts and designed for individual student writing assignments using the IRAC method.
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