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Law Enforcement in the 21st Century eBook (4e)

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For courses in Introduction to Law Enforcement.


A current and practical look at policing practices from a big-picture perspective.

Law Enforcement in the 21st Century keeps readers up-to-date in this ever-evolving field providing a synthesis of the latest research literature with practical insights from the field. The important theme of linkage blindness is a central theme throughout, highlighting the multi-jurisdictional complexities of policing in the United States and abroad. Linkage blindness is then used as an important pedagogical tool to frame realistic critical-thinking exercises.


The 4th Edition reflects the many challenges that have faced policing in the recent months and years. New chapter introductions — drawn from contemporary issues related to the use of force, community relations, and gun control — update the text for the current classroom. New concepts are added to the discussion, including student appreciation for the importance of police legitimacy. Greater attention is also paid to new technologies being piloted across the United States.

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Table of contents
  • Part 1 Law Enforcement in the Criminal Justice System
  • Chapter 1 Law Enforcement in a Democratic Society
  • Chapter 2 Origins and Development of Law Enforcement
  • Chapter 3 Law Enforcement and the Law
  • Part 2 Law Enforcement Organizations–Operations and Conduct
  • Chapter 4 Policing Functions and Units
  • Chapter 5 Policing Discretion and Behavior
  • Chapter 6 Patrol and Traffic
  • Chapter 7 Search and Seizure, Arrest, and Interrogation
  • Chapter 8 Investigation and Evidence Collection
  • Chapter 9 Policing the Police
  • Part 3 Policing in the Twenty-First Century
  • Chapter 10 Policing Multicultural Communities
  • Chapter 11 Community Policing and Problem Solving
  • Chapter 12 Advances in Policing: New Technologies for Crime Analysis
  • Chapter 13 Standards for Police Recruitment
  • Glossary
Features & benefits
  • Delivers material in a streamlined presentation. All of the essentials to learning about the development of law enforcement, its functions, and challenges are included — without the unnecessary extras that can often distract students from their primary focus.
    • Organises information in a developmental framework — beginning with the origins of policing and continuing on to new and innovative technologies — to emphasise the evolution of policing from reactive to proactive management models.              
  • Provides a "big picture" perspective, which examines not only policing practices but also how law enforcement relates to other agencies and the entire criminal justice system.
    • Explores the changing dynamics and nature of law enforcement within its larger contexts.
    • Includes a complete overview of local, state, and federal law enforcement organisations and how they relate to one another.
      • NEW! Introduces police legitimacy early on in the discussion of the role of police — and then integrates it throughout in the context of recentdivisive incidents, such as the Brown and Garner cases.
      • NEW! Provides recent material on different types of police in the schools, and ways to organise their presence.
      • NEW! Covers and evaluates new technology — body cameras, LPRs, and CCTV — that is being piloted throughout the United States. The text explores technology’s influence on modern-day policing practices, and shows how it can assist the police in prevention, communication, and control.
      • Devotes a chapter to multicultural communities, exploring issues of race and ethnicity and focusing on cultural diversity and racial profiling.
  • NEW! Uses the concept of linkage blindness as an important pedagogical tool to frame practical critical-thinking exercises. Linkage blindness also creates a need in the field for important new technologies and strategies, which are also covered in this book.
    • Emphasises linkages across the law enforcement jurisdictions and how to develop a coordinated approach to information-sharing and strategy development. This explains why there is sometimes an inability to analyse information across or within agencies, and ways to improve collaboration and communication.  
    • Linkages and Law Enforcement exercises in every chapter, encouraging readers to relate concepts to earlier material or current events. Questions are included at the end of each Linkage Box to reinforce core concepts.
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