Criminal Law Today eBook (6e) : 9780134164724

Criminal Law Today eBook (6e)

Schmalleger,F et al
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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For courses in Criminal Law.


Bringing criminal law to life.

Criminal Law Today, brings criminal law to life by relating it to real stories from today’s headlines. The text’s approach is strongly influenced by the belief that the law has always been, and remains, a vital policy-making tool. As a topic for study and discussion, the nature and life of the law is more important today than ever before. The text highlights the challenges that face the law as it continues to adapt to the needs of a complex and rapidly changing society and features a balanced text/casebook approach that provides a lively introduction to criminal law. Effective in-text learning tools give students the resources they need to master the material presented in the text.


To give your students the most accurate picture of criminal law today, the material on law and crime is updated throughout the 6th Edition. New cases and stories drawn from recent real-life events are included to draw readers into the material and help them contextualise how theory translates into practice.

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Table of contents
  • Chapter 1 The Nature and History of Criminal Law
  • Chapter 2 Criminal Liability and the Essence of Crime
  • Chapter 3 Expanding the Concept of Crime
  • Chapter 4 Extending Criminal Liability: Inchoate Offenses and Parties to Crime
  • Chapter 5 Justifications as Defenses
  • Chapter 6 Defenses: Excuses and Insanity
  • Chapter 7 Crimes Against Persons: Homicide
  • Chapter 8 Crimes Against Persons: Assault, Sex Offenses, and Other Crimes
  • Chapter 9 Property and Computer Crimes
  • Chapter 10 Offenses against Public Order and the Administration of Justice
  • Chapter 11 Offenses against Public Morality
  • Chapter 12 Terrorism and Human Trafficking
  • Chapter 13 Victims and the Law
  • Chapter 14 Punishment and Sentencing
  • Apendix A H ow to Brief a Case A -1
  • Apendix B Model Penal Code Excerpts A -4
  • Glossary G-1
  • Table of Cases I-1
  • Index I-5
Features & benefits
Provides a balanced text/casebook approach. The text features an accessible, comprehensive overview of criminal law supplemented by numerous chapter-ending Capstone Cases.
  • UPDATED: New real-life Capstone Cases bring the material to life and give students practice reading judicial cases.
  • This format meets the needs of instructors who prefer a textbook and instructors that prefer a casebook.
  • Makes content memorable. Chapter-opening stories drawn from real events capture students’ attention and introduce concepts and issues that will be discussed in each chapter.
    • UPDATED: New chapter-opening stories in many chapters make the material easier to understand and remember when students can relate it to real events.
  • Engages students with practical examples. Throughout the text, boxed features engage students by showing how criminal law is in practice today.
    • UPDATED: Criminal Law in the News boxes present stories from recent headlines that illustrate important concepts presented in the text.
    • Law in Practice boxes illustrate real-life examples of criminal law in action.
    • Law on the Books boxes present specific examples of various criminal codes from across the United States.
  • Promotes visual learning. Numerous photographs and illustrations provide visual reinforcement for the issues and concepts presented in the text.
    • These powerful graphic elements help today’s visual learners better understand key criminal law concepts.
  • Supports learning. Effective learning tools give students the resources they need to master the material presented in the text.
    • Learning Objectives in every chapter help students focus on important learning goals.
    • Questions for Discussion reinforce law and facts.
    • Critical Thinking and Applications Problems build higher-order skills.
    • The Glossary serves as a quick resource for students to reinforce learning new terms.          
    • Suggested Readings at the close of each chapter enable students to extend their learning.
  • Keeps your course current. To give your students the most accurate picture of criminal law today, the material on law and crime is updated throughout the text.
    • UPDATED: To offer a more thorough discussion of law and how it relates to current high-profile cases, information is included on: felony murder; proximity (James Brady death); an expanded and more thorough discussion of entrapment and insanity defenses (Ch. 6); rape; and the discussion of use of force– including by police–was enhanced to include recent shootings in Ferguson, Mo. and elsewhere.
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