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DevOps on Amazon Web Services

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For thousands of companies, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud is today's software development environment of choice. Now there's a complete guide to using DevOps and continuous delivery techniques on AWS -- so you can reliably deliver new features to users and customers at the click of a button.


First, leading software development consultant Paul Duvall concisely reviews DevOps' principles, culture, and goals. Next, using a realistic reference implementation, he offers detailed hands-on guidance on applying automation throughout the entire AWS cloud software delivery process. Finally, he presents up-to-date case studies of companies applying DevOps throughout their own modern development environments: from Netflix to AMC Health to the U.S. government.

Table of contents
  • Preface
  • PART I - Principles, Patterns and Examples
  • 1. Kickoff and Project Setup
  • 2. Processes and Documentation
  • 3. Deployment Production Line Bootstrapping
  • 4. Commit Stage
  • 5. Acceptance Stage
  • 6. Capacity Stage
  • 7. Exploratory Stage
  • 8. Pre-Production Stage
  • 9. Production Stage
  • 10. Self-Service Deployment
  • 11. Cross-cutting concerns
  • 12. Ongoing Activities
  • 13. Production Operations
  • PART II - Case Studies
  • 14. Netflix
  • 15. U.S. Citizen and Immigration Service
  • 16. AMC Health
  • 17. Others
  • Appendix 1. Policy Sharing Initial AWS Credentials
  • Appendix 2. IAM Group Policies
Features & benefits
  • Master Devops continuous delivery in AWS through proven expert examples
  • Learn to develop always-releasable software in AWS, and leverage its full elasticity and cost reduction benefits
  • Efficiently set up teams and organisations to succeed with continuous delivery in the AWS cloud
  • Spend more time delivering useful features, and less time troubleshooting software failures