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Digital Engineering with Minecraft VitalSource eText

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About the book

Minecraft is a global phenomenon and obsession: millions of kids and adults are passionately involved in building and exploring their own Minecraft worlds. Now they can master valuable real-world Computer-Aided Design (CAD) career skills while they're having fun with Minecraft. Digital Engineering with Minecraft teaches simple, hands-on CAD techniques that are directly useful in Minecraft and easily transferrable to more advanced tasks and software.

Through hands-on projects, James Floyd Kelly introduces Minecraft players to seven specialized tools and applications for taking their Minecraft worlds to a whole new level. Purchasers of this book also get free access to hands-on how-to videos guiding you through many key tasks.

Kelly's detailed walkthroughs guide you through every step of designing objects in CAD, 3D printing, game programming, animation, and more. You'll discover how to take what you've learned and created outside Minecraft and pull it directly into your Minecraft world.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Taking Over a Castle 7
Digital Tools Make Great Shortcuts 8
Finding a Castle with Thingiverse 9
Preparing the Castle with Tinkercad 14
Importing the Castle into Minecraft 19
Exploring the New Castle 26
Up Next… 28

Chapter 2 Creating Your Own Castle 29
Downloading and Opening MCEdit 30
Discover Your Own Castle…or Something Else! 34
Introduction to CAD Software 40
Using Tinkercad to Prepare Your 3D Model 41
Preparing Your Model For Importing With MCEdit 51
Using MCEdit with Your 3D Model 53
Up Next… 73

Chapter 3 Crafting a Super Maze 75
There’s Almost Always a Solution 77
Creating Your Own Hedge Maze 77
Preparing the Maze with Tinkercad 81
Landscaping for Your Minecraft World 87
Exploring the Maze 92
Up Next… 94

Chapter 4 Getting Lost (in a Maze) 95
Creating Your Maze 96
Converting the Maze with 100
Importing the Maze into Tinkercad 102
Learning to Use MCEdit’s Select Tool 109
Up Next… 122

Chapter 5 Modifying a 3D World 123
More Tools Means More Options 125
Finding a 3D Model with 123D Sculpt+ 126
Converting Files with Binvox 131
Importing and Sizing the Robot 136
Binvox Opens Up Many Possibilities 143
Up Next… 144

Chapter 6 Creating Your Own Monster Island 145
Monster Making for Beginners 146
Using Binvox 162
Converting with Binvox 166
Placing a Monster with MCEdit 170
Up Next… 175

Chapter 7 Seeing Your World in 3D 177
Having Fun Outside Minecraft 179
Viewing with the Oculus Rift 181
Using a 3D Viewer 183
Taking Minecraft Screenshots 184
Locating Your Screenshots 187
Finding Minecraft Screenshots on a Windows Computer 187
Finding Minecraft Screenshots on a Mac 189
Preparing Your Screenshots 190
Creating 3D Image Cards 192
Up Next… 195

Chapter 8 Viewing Your Worlds—Full 360! 197

Creating a 3D Model with Photos 198
Starting with Screenshots—Lots of Them 201
Capturing Screenshots 202
Converting Image Files 207
Using 123D Catch to Create 3D Models 210
Uploading Your Image Files 211
Running the Create Capture Process 214
Up Next… 220

Chapter 9 Custom Creations, Part 1 221
Creating Your Own Designs with Tinkercad 223
Starting a New Project 224
Breaking Ground on the Future City 229
Designing Custom-Shaped Buildings 240
Up Next… 248

Chapter 10 Custom Creations, Part 2 249
Rotating, Twisting, and Turning 249
Deleting, Cutting, and Removing 260
Up Next… 268

Chapter 11 A Super Project To Test Out Your New Skills 269
You’ve Got Skills! 271
The Shape Generator 272
The Align Tool 278
Dome Cities 285
Up Next… 298

Chapter 12 Discover More MCEdit Tools 299
MCEdit Mastery 299
Copy and Paste 300
Mirror, Mirror 303
Clone Clone Clone Clone 308
Conclusion 313

Appendix A MCEdit for Tablets 315
Introducing iFunbox for Mac and Windows 315
Connecting a Tablet to iFunbox 317
MCEdit for Android Mobile Devices 320

Appendix B Adding Interactive Elements With Redstone 321
Redstone Basics 321
A Simple Circuit 322
Advanced Redstone 325

Appendix C Resources 327
Books 327
Videos 328
Websites 329

Index 331
Author biography
James Floyd Kelly is an avid maker, tinkerer, CAD expert and teacher. He excels at taking complex technology and finding a way to demystify it for non-technical readers. Kelly has written more than 25 guides to a wide variety of technical subjects, including Open Source software, LEGO robotics, 3D printing, and game programming. His recent books include Ultimate iPad and 3D Printing. He has degrees in both industrial engineering and English
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