Joy of UX, The: User Experience and Interactive Design for Developers : 9780134276717

Joy of UX, The: User Experience and Interactive Design for Developers

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Today, software must deliver an outstanding user experience: if it doesn't, it will fail. For developers, UX expertise isn't just "nice to have" anymore: it's a must. This is a comprehensive developer's guide to achieving world-class user experience.

Unlike previous "UX" guides, David Platt's The Joy of UX is written from the standpoint of the developer who must now successfully address user experience while also coping with all the technical, scheduling, and budget challenges of modern software projects. Platt takes a technology-agnostic approach to the principles and techniques of effective user experience development, and addresses crucial issues such as telemetry and security that other UX guides largely ignore. Through concrete examples and a complete, start-to-finish case study, you'll learn how to:

  • Recognize why so many software user experiences have been so terrible - and what can be done about that
  • Create personas that deepen your understanding of your users
  • Use stories to discover what problems they're really trying to solve
  • Quickly implement and iterate user interfaces with wireframes and layouts
  • Test early to see how users reacted to your approach
  • Utilize telemetry to capture the best possible usage information
  • Make sense of the user data you capture
  • Solve the unique experience problems presented by mobile environments
  • Capture and effectively present "big data"
  • Address tradeoffs between security and usability
  • "Polish" your user experience to professional quality, and more

Whether you're participating in UX development as a team member, implementing a UX someone else has already designed, or leading the entire process yourself, The Joy of UX will be your indispensable companion.

Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Who is the User: Personas
3. What Problem is the User Trying to Solve: Stories
4. Implementing and Iterating Quickly: Wireframes and Layouts
5. Seeing How We Did: UX Testing
6. Ongoing Monitoring: Telemetry
7. Making it Just Work
8. Security: The Inevitable Tradeoff
9. Layers of Polish
10. Case Study: MBTA Commuter Rail Mobile App