Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision (2e) : 9780134288628

Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision (2e)

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Within the Frame (2009) received critical recognition for its humanity and practical teaching, and in this revision of his classic best-selling book, David duChemin encourages you to search for what matters to you and not give up until you convey it through your photography: “I’m chasing my vision, and you will chase yours in the places best suited to that. What’s important is that you chase that vision intentionally and with passion, refusing to let it be anything but yours and yours alone.”

Through a heartfelt discussion about creating photographs of people, places, cultures, and the discovery of a personal point of view that makes those stories compelling and authentic, David teaches how to seek and serve your creative vision through the art of photography by highlighting images from his adventures around the world. Regardless of the setting, it’s the lessons about the central role of vision and expression in photography that sets this book apart, even if you never wander far from home.

David shares the nuances of approaching different subjects, the value of scouting locations (and wandering in unfamiliar places), techniques for photographing landscapes, how to capture a sense of place and culture with sensitivity through images of food, festivals, art and faith, and more. This edition includes new images, creative exercises, updated chapters, a streaming companion video, and discussions about changing perspectives, including an increased focus on landscape photography. Most importantly, David maintains the crucial theme of vision–and he helps you find, cultivate, and pursue your own, and then fit it within the frame.
Table of contents
  • CHAPTER ONE It’s About Vision
  • CHAPTER TWO Within the Frame
  • CHAPTER THREE The Artist and the Geek
  • CHAPTER FOUR Storytelling
  • CHAPTER FIVE Photographing People
  • CHAPTER SIX Photographing Places
  • CHAPTER SEVEN Photographing Culture
  • Final Thoughts
New to this edition

- A new cover

- A new chapter to introduce the new edition, sort of a “what I’ve learned since then” chapter

- Text updates on all chapters, especially where author's own perspectives / experiences have changed - like the chapter on landscapes, which he does much more of now.

- Image updates - approximately 20% new images

- Digital component: possibly a really solid, well-shot video interview with David. A tightly edited 40-minute interview / mini-doc might be really interesting. We have set aside some budget for this.

Features & benefits
• This book transcends ordinary travel photography books and delivers the inspiration needed to take truly great images
• An inspirational book about capturing the spirit and flavor of a culture and place
• Addresses the nuances of approaching different types of subjects–whether people from other cultures, children, or the elderly
• In this updated edition author David DuChemin includes many new images, updates all of the chapters based on his own changing
perspectives, and includes more coverage on topics that have inspired him more over the past few years--such as landscape

Author biography

DAVID DUCHEMIN is a world and humanitarian photographer, best-selling author, and international workshop leader whose spirit of adventure fuels his fire to create and share. David’s work has taken him around the globe, where his travels have deepened his love for this world and those who inhabit it. Learn more at davidduchemin.com. 

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