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About the book

In this revision of the classic book from world and humanitarian assignment photographer and best-selling author David duChemin, students set off on a “journey of photographic vision,” learning how to tell meaningful, compelling stories through photographing people, places, and cultures. David teaches them how to seek and serve their creative vision through the art of photography, highlighting his images from visits to Cuba, Egypt, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Table of contents
CHAPTER ONE It’s About Vision
Understanding Vision
Chasing Vision

CHAPTER TWO Within the Frame
Photograph What Moves You
Make Me Care
Putting It in the Frame
Excluding It from the Frame
Indecisive Moments
It’s All Subjective
The Illusion of the Exotic
Putting Time Within the Frame
Length of Time
Choice of Moment

CHAPTER THREE The Artist and the Geek
Gear Is Good, Vision Is Better
Decent Exposures
The Best Digital Negative
Exposing for the Highlights
Seeing the Light
Choose Your Lens Based on Behavior
Telephoto Lenses
Pushing the Wide
The Rule of Thirds
There Is No Un-Suck Filter
Inspiration and Perspiration

CHAPTER FOUR Storytelling
Universal Themes
Conflict Within the Frame
The Photo Essay
Attention Management
Leaving Clues and Provoking Questions

CHAPTER FIVE Photographing People
Approaching People
The Language Barrier
The Eyes Have It
Capturing Emotion
On Giving and Taking
Indecent Exposures
Photographing Children
Photographing the Elderly
Candids vs. Portraits
Why Photograph Candid Street Scenes?
Staying Focused
Abstracting People
Lighting Challenges on Location
Four More

CHAPTER SIX Photographing Places
Not-So-Great Expectations
Be Prepared
Beyond the Postcard: The Value of Wandering
Slow Down
The Feel of Place: Sensual Exploration
Be Present: Physical and Emotional Receptivity
Be in the Right Place
Photographing Iconic Places
Iconic Images in Mundane Places
Making the Image
Wait for It
Seek It
Mine It
Adding the Human Element
Adding Scale
Creating Depth with Layers
Photograph the Big Stuff
Shoot the Details

Photographing Culture
Cultural Sensitivity
Research and Ask Questions
Values and Taboos
Different Isn’t Wrong
We Are All Different, We Are All the Same
History and Heroes
Photographing Food
Festivals and Celebrations
Photographing Art
Photographing Language
Photographing Faith
Remember the Deeper Subject and Find a Way to Express It
Be Respectful

Final Thoughts
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