Check-in Check-Out: Managing Hotel Operations eBook : 9780134437071

Check-in Check-Out: Managing Hotel Operations eBook

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About the book: A current update of the leading guide to managing profitable hotel operations.

Extensively revised to reflect the industry’s rapid changes, this widely popular guide presents rich detail about best practices and future directions in the hotel industry, while offering the widest coverage of any book in the field. Readers gain an intuitive understanding based on the flow of the guest’s experience, from reservation, arrival, and registration, to service purchasing, departure, billing, and recordkeeping. The entire rooms division is covered thoroughly, and linked to other hospitality functions, related industries, and the broader economy. Coverage includes internationalization; green operations; financing sources; boutique and urban collections; and reservations strategies.

Check-in Check-Out: Managing Hotel Operations, 10/e has been updated throughout to cover such current topics such as detail cancellation policies for major OTA channels, leading-edge technology and reservations, mobile apps and devices, global distribution, third-party housing poachers or pirates, conflicts over master billing, EMV technology and the rising popularity of smart cards, night audit reports, cyber security in the hospitality industry, and much more. Included are over 150 exhibits to promote visual learning.

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Table of contents

1. The Traditional Hotel Industry

2. The Modern Hotel Industry

3. The Structures of the Hotel Industry


4. Forecasting Availability and Overbooking

5. Global Reservations Technologies

6. Individual Reservations and Group Bookings


7. Managing Guest Services

8. From Arrival to Rooming

9. The Role of the Room Rate


10. Billing the Guest Folio

11. Cash or Credit: The City Ledger


12. The Night Audit

13. Hotel Technology
New to this edition

Check-In Check-Out keeps pace with the rapid changes within the industry, including leading-edge information and current resources:

  • Chapter 4: Detailed cancellation policies for major OTA channels.
  • Chapter 5:
    • Updated scenario of futuristic traveler using leading-edge technology.
    • Updated discussion of global distribution.
    • Updated competitive set reports from several major vendors.
    • Updated statistics about contribution of GDS systems to today’s reservations.
    • Discussion related to the reduced role of traditional travel agents to hotel reservations bottom-line.
    • Increased discussion of Meta-Search websites.
    • Increased discussion related to how hotels market through social media channels.
    • Increased discussion of the latest mobile apps and the role tablets and mobile devices play with today’s corporate travelers.
    • Increased discussion of revenue (yield) management.
    • Increased discussion related to the ideal conditions for a hotel to maximize its yield management investment.
    • Several new exhibits related to which GDS, OTA, and Meta-Search channels contribute what percentage of reservations to the average hotel.
    • Improved discussion of Opaque Websites.
  • Chapter 6:
    • Improved discussion on technology and current discussion of reservations.
    • Improved discussion of online convention registration.
    • Improved discussion related to group attrition policies.
    • Third-party housing poachers or pirates.
    • Force majeure.
    • Cancellation of bookings.
  • Chapter 10:
    • Discussion related to the types of conflicts which arise over master billing, including: the number of persons at each function, how many attendees stayed in the hotel, attrition charges, the number of comp rooms, who signed for extraneous services, alcoholic consumption, and more.
  • Chapter 11:
    • Design of new U.S. currency and how it thwarts counterfeiting.
    • EMV technology and the gaining popularity of smart cards.
    • Efolio services—the ability of guests to review their folio online or through their smartphone as well as to utilize third-party companies for expense account billing and payment.
  • Chapter 12: Numerous night audit reports from real operating hotels.
  • Chapter 13:
    • Cyber security in the hospitality industry.
    • How cyber attacks against hotels and guests most often stem.
    • How these attacks are most often reduced.
    • Just Google It.
    • Wearable Computers.
    • More on Apps.
    • Apps for service.
    • Everything can now be done on a smartphone.
    • Marketing.
    • Hotel “sniffing”.

      Mobile apps for the meetings industry.
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