Calculus: A Complete Course eBook (9e) : 9780134528656

Calculus: A Complete Course eBook (9e)

Adams,R et al
Published by
Pearson Canada
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About the book: Calculus: a Complete Course, 9th Edition contains 19 chapters, P and 1—18, plus 5 Appendices. It covers the material usually encountered in a three- to five-semester real-variable calculus program, involving real-valued functions of a single real variable (differential calculus in Chapters 1—4 and integral calculus in Chapters 5—8), as well as vector-valued functions of a single real variable (covered in Chapter 11), real-valued functions of several real variables (in Chapters 12—14), and vector-valued functions of several real variables (in Chapters 15—17). Chapter 9 concerns sequences and series, and its position is rather arbitrary.

Chapter 10 contains necessary background on vectors and geometry in 3-dimensional space as well as some linear algebra that is useful, although not absolutely essential, for the understanding of subsequent multivariable material. Material on differential equations is scattered throughout he book, but Chapter 18 provides a compact treatment of ordinary differential equations (ODEs), which may provide enough material for a one-semester course on the subject.

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Table of contents
  • Chapter P: Preliminaries
  • Chapter 1: Limits and Continuity
  • Chapter 2: Differentiation
  • Chapter 3: Transcendental Functions
  • Chapter 4: More Applications of Differentiation
  • Chapter 5: Integration
  • Chapter 6: Techniques of Integration
  • Chapter 7: Applications of Integration
  • Chapter 8: Conics, Parametric Curves, and Polar Curves
  • Chapter 9: Sequence, Series, and Power Series
  • Chapter 10: Vectors and Coordinate Geometry in 3-Space
  • Chapter 11: Vector Functions and Curves
  • Chapter 12: Partial Differentiation
  • Chapter 13: Applications of Partial Derivatives
  • Chapter 14: Multiple Integration
  • Chapter 15: Vector Fields
  • Chapter 16: Vector Calculus
  • Chapter 17: Differential forms and Exterior Calculus
  • Chapter 18: Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Appendix 1
  • Appendix 2
  • Appendix 3
  • Appendix 4
  • Appendix 5
  • Answers to Odd Numbered Exercises
  • Index
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