31 Days Before Your CompTIA A+ Certification Exam eBook : 9780134539928

31 Days Before Your CompTIA A+ Certification Exam eBook

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About the book

This easy-to-use guide offers a step-by-step 31-day structured review plan for the last month before you take your new CompTIA A+ 900 Series certification exam. You'll know exactly what and how to review every day, so you use your scarce study time as efficiently as possible, and you walk into your exam with maximum confidence.

31 Days Before Your CompTIA A+ Certification Exam organizes key A+ exam topics into 31 daily review sessions, each with its own short summary, checklists, tables, examples, graphics, visual calendars, and other features for fast, effective study. Each day's Study Resources section helps you locate even more detailed review material within relevant Foundational and Supplemental resources.

This friendly, conversational guide also reviews the exam's updated organization and current sign-up process; and offers strategies to be mentally, organizationally, and physically prepared for exam day.

Table of contents
Day 31. BIOS/UEFI Settings
Day 30. Motherboard Components
Day 29. PC Component Installation - Part 1
Day 28. PC Component Installation - Part 2
Day 27. Peripheral Devices and Connectors
Day 26. Printer Installation
Day 25. Printer Technologies and Maintenance
Day 24. Network Cabling
Day 23. IP Addressing
Day 22. Ports and Protocols
Day 21. Router Installation
Day 20. Network Devices and Internet Connections
Day 19. Networking Tools (Hardware and Software)
Day 18. Laptop Components and Features
Day 17. Mobile Devices Components and Features
Day 16. Hardware Troubleshooting - Part 1
Day 15. Hardware Troubleshooting - Part 2
Day 14. Network Troubleshooting
Day 13. Windows Installation and Tools
Day 12. Windows Networking and Maintenance
Day 11. Mac and Linux Operating Systems
Day 10. Cloud and Virtualization
Day 9. Network Services
Day 8. Mobile Operating Systems Management
Day 7. Security Threat Prevention
Day 6. User Access, Device Security, and Data Disposal
Day 5. SOHO Security Implementation
Day 4. PC OS and Security Troubleshooting
Day 3. Mobile OS and Security Troubleshooting
Day 2. Safety and Environmental Procedures
Day 1. Professionalism and Troubleshooting Methodology
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