Power of People, The: Learn How Successful Organizations Use Workforce Analytics To Improve Business Performance : 9780134546001

Power of People, The: Learn How Successful Organizations Use Workforce Analytics To Improve Business Performance

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Business leaders today are seeking meaningful patterns in their people data that will help them gain a competitive edge. The answer is in the growing discipline of workforce analytics.

Much attention has already been paid to the technical requirements for implementing workforce analytics, now, there's a book that covers the organizational development and change management issues that will make or break your success.

Drawing on insights from dozens of experts in workforce analytics as well as their own cutting edge experience within IBM, the authors walk step-by-step through setting up and then embedding workforce analytics capabilities.

With candid case studies and clear advice from those who have already faced and overcome the challenges associated with workforce analytics, you'll learn how to:

  • Begin with a vision, not data analysis
  • Pick your projects wisely, so you can "earn your keep" with visible, valuable successes
  • Build a team with the right skills to deliver the insights your organization needs
  • Identify the right stakeholders and sponsors to ensure success
  • Choose the best technology for your analytics needs
  • Handle some of the sensitivities around using employee data in analytics projects
  • Run a successful workforce analytics function for the long term
  • Use storytelling techniques to ensure you can influence organizational decisions or initiatives with the results of your workforce analytics projects

Analytics are rapidly becoming pervasive in functions ranging from Finance to Marketing. Now, discover how HR can gain just as much value, by informing every key decision with the best possible insight.

Table of contents

The Rising Importance of Analytics in Human Resources
The Need for Practical Advice on Analytically Enabling HR Functions
Timing of Events in the First 100 Days

Part I. Setting Your Direction
1. Articulate Your Objectives
2. Define Your Governance Model
3. Get a Quick Win

Part II.
4. Know Your Data
5. Know Your Technology Options
6. Know Your Partner Options

Part III. Growing Your Capability
7. Identify Roles and Skills
8. Complete Your Business Plan
9. Build Momentum

Part IV. Ongoing Implementation: Caring for and Developing the Function