Paramedic Care: Principles & Practice, Volume 2 - Patient Assessment eBook (5e) : 9780134572376

Paramedic Care: Principles & Practice, Volume 2 - Patient Assessment eBook (5e)

Bledsoe,B et al
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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For courses in Paramedic Emergency Medical Services

A strong, evidence-based foundation in the principles and practices of modern EMS    
Paramedic Care: Principles & Practice, 5th Edition,
offers EMS students and professionals a foundational guide and reference to paramedicine. Developed to stay ahead of current trends and practices, all five volumes are based on the National EMS Education Standards and the accompanying Paramedic Instructional Guidelines.

Volume 2, Patient Assessment, addresses the various steps and facets of patient assessment. The first two chapters discuss scene size-up and primary assessment. The next three chapters present the techniques of conducting a comprehensive secondary assessment, along with history and physical exam, and discuss communication techniques for doing so. The sixth chapter presents an overview of patient monitoring technologies. The final chapter discusses ways to apply the techniques learned in this volume to real patient situations. Updated with new information on Point of Care Testing, using ultrasound technology in the field, and recommendations for primary assessment, Volume 2 provides paramedic students with the principles of patient assessment.

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Table of contents
  1. Scene Size-Up
  2. Primary Assessment
  3. Therapeutic Communications
  4. History Taking
  5. Secondary Assessment
  6. Patient Monitoring Technology
  7. Patient Assessment in the Field
Features & benefits
Paramedic Care: Principles & Practice, 5th Edition

Offers updated coverage of the latest guidelines, standards, current trends and practices in paramedicine

  • NEW: Chapter 1, “Scene Size-Up,” features an increased emphasis on ongoing scene safety assessment throughout the call (not just on arrival).
  • NEW: Chapter 2, “Primary Assessment,” updates information for:
    • for significant mechanism of injury, change from recommending full immobilisation to deciding whether or not to immobilise the patient according to local protocols
    • discussion of how to use pulse oximetry and continuous waveform capnography in evaluation of breathing adequacy
    • for hemorrhage control, updated sequence (1) direct pressure; and if not effective, then (2) tourniquet for extremity wounds or hemostatic agents for wounds to other site
    • transport triage for burns guidelines: burns without other trauma to burn facility; burns with other trauma to trauma facility
  • NEW: Chapter 3, “Therapeutic Communications,” includes new emphasis on eye contact as the most powerful way to convey caring and emphasis on using language the patient can understand, which may vary with the patient’s age or other circumstances.
  • NEW: Chapter 6, “Patient Monitoring Technology” includes a new section on Point of Care (POC) Testing–performing basic blood chemistry analysis in the field with the use of portable analyzers. Completely revised and updated section on the use of ultrasound technology in the field to assist in assessing such factors as internal abdominal bleeding, abdominal aortic aneurysm, impaired cardiac function, possible pneumothorax, heart failure, distinguishing cardiac from non-cardiac shock, confirming endotracheal tube placement, and obstetric factors such as early pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, and fetal conditions.
Keeps students on track with their reading and understanding of the content
  • Chapter-opening Objectives keep students focused on learning the core concepts covered in the chapter.
  • Key Terms with page references  showing where they first appear help students master new terminology.
  • A Case Study draws students into the reading and creates a link between the text content and real-life situations and experiences.
Supports visual learning and reinforces concepts
  • Tables and Illustrations throughout every chapter provide visual support to enhance understanding.
  • Procedure Scans illustrate step-by-step how to perform core skills.
  • Patient Care Algorithms offer graphical “pathways” that integrate assessment and care procedures.
Provides critical-thinking opportunities for students throughout the text
  • You Make the Call features promote critical thinking by requiring students to apply principles to actual practice.
  • Patho Pearls offer a snapshot of pathological considerations students will encounter in the field.
  • Legal Notes present instances in which legal or ethical considerations should be evaluated.
  • Cultural Considerations provide an awareness of beliefs that might affect patient care.
  • Assessment Pearls highlight important assessment considerations and techniques.
Provides a comprehensive review of the objectives covered in every chapter
  • A chapter Summary provides students with a concise review of important concepts.
  • Review Questions ask students to apply the principles they’ve just learned.
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