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Engineering with Excel (5e)

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For courses in Introduction to Engineering and Computer Methods for Engineers.


Gives Students A Foundation In Excel Functions For Various Engineering Purposes

Engineering With Excel, 5th Edition introduces students to all of the functions and ways to use Microsoft’s Excel 2016 on Windows 10, the most up-to-date version of the program. The text gives students an understanding of the many ways Excel can be used for engineering purposes. Chapters on graphing, matrix operations, linear regressions and statistics give students a foundation in computational math, while sections on using excel for finance and extending it to other computer programs helps students apply excel to their broader lives. Finally, students will learn to write their own excel functions.

Table of contents
  • 1. Introduction to Excel
  • 2. Using Excel’s Ribbon
  • 3. Graphing with Excel
  • 4. Excel Functions 
  • 5. Matrix Operations in Excel
  • 6. Linear Regression in Excel
  • 7. Overview
  • 8. Excel’s Financial Functions
  • 9. Iterative Solutions Using Excel
  • 10. Sharing Excel Information with Other Programs
  • 11. Excel Pivot Tables
  • 12. Macros and User-Written Functions for Excel
  • 13. User-Written Functions for Excel
  • 14. Programming in Excel with VBA
  • 15. Numerical Differentiation Using Excel
  • 16. Numerical Integration Using Excel
  • 17. Numerical Integration Techniques
New to this edition

Updated to fit the way engineers are using devices and programs today

  • Teaches students on the most recent version of Ecel for Windows . Supports Ecel for tablets, PC, Mac, iPhone, online, or as part of Office 35 suite.
Features & benefits
  • Teaches students on the most recent version of Excel 2016 for Windows 10. Supports Excel for tablets, PC, Mac, iPhone, online, or as part of Office 365 suite.
  • Examples appear throughout the text to help students apply key functions and ideas to real life. 

  • Summaries and end of chapter problems appear throughout the text 

  • Content is updated to include new features within Excel including:
    • Providing better support for touchscreens with a button that switches screen layout and larger spacing between controls.
    • Autohide feature for the Ribbon that removes Ribbon from fullscreen view unless users click the top of the excel window.
    • Chart Elements button makes it easier to modify the appearance of a graph.
    • Format dialogues are now panels on the side of Excel, making it easier to switch between chart elements quickly and modify the appearance of multiple chart features.  
Author biography

Ronald W. Larsen, Ph.D., P.E., is the Department Head of the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department at Montana State University.