Beef Production and Management Decisions eBook (6e) : 9780134602714

Beef Production and Management Decisions eBook (6e)

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About the book: For Junior/Senior level courses in Beef Production and Management. Current, authoritative, balanced coverage of the issues impacting the beef industry.

The hallmark text Beef Production and Management Decisions, 6th Edition examines the most current and critical biological, ecological, financial, and marketing issues impacting the beef industry today. This updated edition includes concepts of beef quality assurance and devotes chapters to the management of information, the traditions of the business, and the future of the industry. Integrating a management systems viewpoint while drawing on the author’s industry and academic experience to explore the challenges of the industry, this text is a must for any professional library.

The new edition is expanded and features 85% new images and more than 60% new tables; the latest industry demographics across the supply chain in  the United States and with other major global players; a significant increase in management-oriented information in several areas; comprehensive, in-depth evaluation of the stocker sector; and increased online resource suggestions.

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Table of contents
  • Chapter 1      An Overview of the U.S. Beef Industry
  • Chapter 2      Retail Beef Products and Consumers
  • Chapter 3      Management Systems: Integrated and Holistic Resource Management
  • Chapter 4      Management Decisions for Seedstock Breeders
  • Chapter 5      Commercial Cow-Calf Management Decisions
  • Chapter 6      Stocker Management Decisions
  • Chapter 7      Feedlot Management Decisions
  • Chapter 8      The Beef Supply Chain
  • Chapter 9      The Marketing System
  • Chapter 10    The Global Beef Industry
  • Chapter 11    Reproduction
  • Chapter 12    Genetics and Breeding
  • Chapter 13    Cattle Breeds
  • Chapter 14    Nutrition
  • Chapter 15    Managing Forage Resources
  • Chapter 16    Herd Health
  • Chapter 17    Growth, Development, and Beef Cattle Type
  • Chapter 18    Cattle Behavior, Facilities, and Equipment
  • Appendix
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Additional Resources
Features & benefits
  • A balanced viewpoint compares and considers all aspects of the industry:

    • NEW! Better comparisons of regional and size of enterprise adaptation of technologies and management protocols give readers a more thorough and comprehensive analysis of beef production systems

    • NEW! Comparisons and benchmarks for practices used by the most profitable enterprises in the industry provide meaningful context and performance metrics for the industry

    • NEW! Approaches to enhancing industry sustainability, improved animal well-being, and stewardship improve the industry’s ability to adapt to social pressures

    • NEW! Significant improvements have been made in providing regional comparisons of US production systems.

  • An authoritative approach features:

    • The most recent scientific, demographic, and financial data available.

    • The author’s unique combination of perspectives, knowledge, and expertise from both his long career in the academic community and his lifelong active engagement in the beef industry.

    • Long-term usefulness as a resource for beef production professionals throughout their careers.

    • Both a systems and a supply chain focus covering cattle, natural resources, people, markets, and finances.

    • Structural changes in the industry.

    • Biological and economic principles that govern the industry.

  • NEW! Expanded and updated use of illustrations enhances learning:

    • NEW! 85% of the images are new.

    • NEW! More than 60% of the tables are new.

    • NEW! This edition’s sharpened focus emphasises using text efficiently, using figures to provide context.

  • Management principles for the industry get significant coverage:

    • NEW! A significant increase in management-oriented information for the feedlot section enhances readers’ understanding of this area

    • NEW! Modifications provide more approaches to the application of science-based decisions to enhance management.

  • An emphasis on value-added and branded beef products helps readers understand the role of value-added processing and supply coordination on the domestic and international markets.

  • NEW! More comprehensive, in-depth evaluation of the stocker sector helps new entrants in the industry understand this issue, how it affects cash flow, and how it allows new entrants to gain access to the business

  • NEW! Summary of the messages of all five national beef quality audits provides producers with a roadmap for enhancing the consumer experience, thus increasing beef demand

  • Updating throughout provides readers with the latest critical information in the field:

    • NEW! Industry demographics across the supply chain are updated to include both the United States and the other major global players.

    • NEW! Current and updated production protocols such as synchronisation systems, sire evaluation, preventative health programs and grazing management are provided.

    • NEW! Increased online resources provide opportunities to pursue additional knowledge on a variety of topics.

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