Chemistry: Structure and Properties Laboratory Manual (2e) : 9780134616452

Chemistry: Structure and Properties Laboratory Manual (2e)

Tro & Norton
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For laboratory courses in General Chemistry




Engaging students in real-world applications

Laboratory Manual for Chemistry: Structure and Properties provides a series of experiments written to correspond with an atoms-first approach.


The experiments connect to the daily lives of students with engaging experiments that have real-world applications and incorporate household items such as Coca-Cola®, fertiliser, light bulbs, and aluminum cans. The investigations challenge students while exposing them to recent advances in science.



The labs also promote critical thinking by placing the experiments in the context of a practical problem and emphasise data collection and analysis versus mere step-by-step instruction. Some of the exercises are inquiry-driven, while others provide a straightforward method for introducing new laboratory techniques. This manual includes a sample of problem-based and traditional experiments to give instructors flexibility.

Table of contents


1.              Liquid Crystals

2.              Atomic Emission Spectra: Comparing Experimental Results to Bohr’s Theoretical Model

3.              Energy & Electromagnetism: Irradiance Measurements

4.              Structure of Molecules

5.              A Gravimetric Analysis of Phosphorus in Fertilizer

6.              Recycling Aluminum

7.              Qualitative Analysis: The Detection of Anions

8.              Qualitative Analysis: Detection of Metal Cations

9.              Qualitative Analysis: Identification of a Single Salt

10.           Qualitative Analysis of Household Chemicals

11.           Iron Deficiency Analysis

12.           Gasimetric Analysis of a Carbonate

13.           Calorimetry: Heat of Fusion and Specific Heat

14.           Chromatography: Isolation and Characterization of Yellow Dye No. 5

15.           Freezing Point: Depression or A Lesson in Making Ice Cream

16.           Alternative Fuel Project

17.           The Green Fades Away

18.           Chemical Kinetics

19.           Analysis of Phosphoric Acid in Coca-Cola Classic: Spectrophotometric Method

20.           Analysis of Phosphoric Acid in Coca-Cola Classic: pH Titration

21.           Borax Solubility: Investigating the Relationship between Thermodynamics and Equilibrium

22.           Electrochemical Preparation of Nickel Nanowires

23.           Synthesis of K3Fe(C2O4)3 • 3H2O

24.           Analysis of Oxalate in K3Fe(C2O4)3 • 3H2O