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Choosing Health eBook (3e)

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For courses in personal health.


Helping students understand that their actions and behavior matter

Choosing Health uses real-life applications, behavior change tools, and mobile technologies to speak to today's students better than any other brief personal health textbook. With its bold design and inclusion of real student stories, this text is the one that students can most relate to--and the one that will most inspire them to choose a healthy lifestyle.

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Table of contents
  • 1.  Health in the 21st Century  
  • 2.  Psychological Health  
  • 3.  Stress Management  
  • 4.  Sleep, Your Body, and Your Mind  
  • 5.  Nutrition and You  
  • 6.  Physical Activity
  • 7.  Body Image, Body Weight  
  • 8.  Addictions and Drug Use
  • 9.  Alcohol and Tobacco Use and Abuse
  • 10.   Social Relationships and Communication   
  • 11.   Sexuality, Contraception, and Reproductive Choices
  • 12.   Preventing Infectious Diseases and Sexually Transmitted Infections  
  • 13.   Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, and Cancer  
  • 14.   Consumer Health  
  • 15.   Personal Safety and Injury Prevention  
  • 16.   Your Environment, Your Health
Features & benefits

Assist students in their comprehension of the material

  • NEW! A Study Plan tied to Learning Outcomes. New numbered learning outcomes introduce each chapter and are associated with every section heading, giving students a roadmap for their reading. Each chapter concludes with a Study Plan, which summarises key points of the chapter and provides review questions to check understanding, all tied to the chapter’s learning outcomes.
  • NEW! End-of-section, multiple choice review questions help students confirm that they achieved an understanding of the learning outcome for that section.


Engage students with relatable student stories

  • Student Stories feature real college students sharing stories related to health topics in each chapter--demonstrating the relevance of health education to students' everyday lives. Where available, QR codes in the text take students right to the online video. 


Bring content alive with integrated media

  • Health Online icons are found throughout the text, providing vetted links to quizzes, tools, websites, podcasts, and other web resources relevant to topics in the chapter, to help students learn. 
  • Keep Your Course Current and Relevant with Updated Content
  • UPDATED! Chapter on Sleep, Your Body, and Your Mind. Previously available only as an electronic chapter, the topic of sleep has been thoroughly updated and expanded in the printed text and now follows the Stress Management chapter. This extensively revised chapter covers everything from how sleep affects health to how to get your best night’s sleep and includes the most up-to-date research on sleep.
  • UPDATED! Chapter 15: Personal Safety now includes material that is vital to students, such as gun safety and Title IX.
  • UPDATED! Student Stats present up-to-date national statistics and research on key health topics that apply to today’s college population.


Make reading and learning about health accessible and visually appealing

  • UPDATED! Book design with upbeat, modern photos, visual appeal, and streamlined content, make the book cleaner, more fun to read, and easier to navigate for students.
  • Boxed features use photos and a dynamic design to make the content pop, and help students relate to the material.
    • Media and… boxes provide information about how the media is affecting attitudes about health topics such as body image, violence, and more.
    • NEW! What Do You Think? questions appear in relevant feature boxes throughout the text and in the end-of-chapter material, prompting students to think more deeply and better comprehend the material.
    • Student Stats boxes in every chapter show students how their peers are affected by health issues; each box uses a colorful graph to display statistics on college students, compiled by national surveys.
    • UPDATED! and NEW! Special Feature boxes highlight hot topics in health, including what the Affordable Care Act means for students; social networking, communication, and cyber-bullying; and emerging infectious diseases.
    • Consumer Corner boxes show students how to be intelligent consumers of health information by examining consumer-related issues such as using over-the-counter medications safely, choosing athletic shoes, and deciding whether or not to purchase organic produce.
    • Diversity & Health boxes highlight the differences and effects of gender, racial/ethnic background, socioeconomic class, and sexuality on health issues.
    • Myth or Fact? boxes provide scientific evidence supporting or refuting common health-related claims.
  • The lively and conversational writing style used in the text is informative, scientifically reliable, and authoritative. It draws students in and holds their attention without watering down content or sacrificing academic rigor.


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