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Access to Health eBook (15e)

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About the book

For personal health courses.

Changing behavior today for a better tomorrow

Access to Health combines research and the most up-to-date information to encourage healthy life choices. As a teacher, mentor, and researcher, author Rebecca J. Donatelle uses her friendly writing style to address students’ concerns and motivate them to be savvy, critical consumers of health information. The 15th Edition provides students with new Which Path Would You Take activities that explore various health choices through an engaging, interactive, low-stakes, and anonymous experience, a new full chapter on sleep, and a new Making Change Today feature. All enhancements help students to make health choices for a better tomorrow.

Table of contents
Part 1: Finding the Right Balance
1. Accessing Your Health
2. Promoting and Preserving Your Psychological Health
FOCUS ON Cultivating Your Spiritual Health 
3. Managing Stress and Coping with Life’s Challenges
FOCUS ON Improving Your Financial Health
4. Improving Your Sleep

Part 2: Building Healthy Lifestyles
5. Nutrition: Eating for a Healthier You
6. Reaching and Maintaining a Healthy Weight
FOCUS ON Enhancing Your Body Image
7. Improving Your Physical Fitness

Part 3: Creating Healthy and Caring Relationships
8. Building Healthy Relationships and Communicating Effectively
9. Understanding Your Sexuality
10. Considering Your Reproductive Choices

Part 4: Avoiding Risks from Harmful Habits
FOCUS ON Recognizing and Avoiding Addiction
11. Drinking Alcohol Responsibly
12. Ending Tobacco Use
13. Avoiding Drug Misuse and Abuse

Part 5: Preventing and Fighting Disease
14. Protecting against Infectious Diseases
15. Protecting against Sexually Transmitted Infections
16. Preventing Cardiovascular Disease
FOCUS ON Minimizing Your Risk for Diabetes
17. Reducing Your Cancer Risk
18. Reducing Risks and Coping with Chronic Conditions

Part 6: Facing Life's Challenges
19. Becoming a Responsible Health Care Consumer
20. Preventing Violence and Abuse
FOCUS ON Reducing Your Risk of Unintentional Injury
21. Preserving and Protecting Your Environment
22. Preparing for Aging, Death, and Dying
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