A Graphical Approach to Algebra & Trigonometry eBook (7e) : 9780134674377

A Graphical Approach to Algebra & Trigonometry eBook (7e)

Hornsby,J et al
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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About the book: For courses in algebra and trigonometry. Unifies the theme of a function – See, Solve, Apply

The Graphical Approach series by Hornsby, Lial, and Rockswold covers functions through a consistent, four-part analytical process. The authors ask students to:

  1. [See] Examine the nature of the graph
  2. Solve a typical equation analytically and graphically
  3. Solve the related inequality analytically and graphically
  4. Apply analytic and graphical methods to solve an application.

This proven approach helps students gain a deep visual and graphical understanding of math, solidifying a stronger connection to the mathematical world around them. The authors also support analytical thinking with sound pedagogy; chapter layouts, exercises, review questions, and chapter features give students a comprehensive roadmap for success in the course.

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Table of contents
  • 1. Linear Functions, Equations, and Inequalities
  • 2. Analysis of Graphs of Functions
  • 3. Quadratic Functions
  • 4. Polynomial Functions of Higher Degree
  • 5. Rational, Power, and Root Functions
  • 6. Inverse, Exponential, and Logarithmic Functions
  • 7. Systems and Matrices
  • 8. Conic Sections, Nonlinear Systems, and Parametric Equations
  • 9. Trigonometric Functions and Applications
  • 10. Trigonometric Identities and Equations
  • 11. Applications of Trigonometry and Vectors
  • 12. Further Topics in Algebra
  • R. Review: Basic Algebraic Concepts
  • Appendix A: Geometry Formulas
  • Appendix B: Vectors in Space
  • Appendix C: Polar Form of Conic Sections
  • Appendix D: Rotation of Axes
Features & benefits

Analytical Skills

  • Algebra Reviews in the text margins provide “just-in-time” review by referring students to where they can receive additional help with important topics from algebra.

  • Pointers direct students to comments that include on-the-spot reminders and warnings about common pitfalls.

  • Function Capsule boxes offer a comprehensive, visual introduction to each class of function and serve as an excellent resource for reference and review. Each capsule includes traditional and calculator graphs and a calculator table of values, as well as the domain, range, and other specific information about the function. Abbreviated versions of function capsules are provided on the inside back cover of the text.

  • The What Went Wrong? feature anticipates typical errors that students make when using graphing technology and provides an avenue for instructors to highlight and discuss such errors. Answers are included on the same page as the “What Went Wrong?” boxes.  

  • Cautions and Notes warn students of common errors and emphasise important ideas throughout the exposition.

  • Looking Ahead to Calculus are margin notes that provide glimpses of how the algebraic topics currently being studied are used in calculus.

  • Relating Concepts exercises appear in select exercise sets. They tie together topics and highlight relationships among various concepts and skills. All answers to these problems appear in the answer section at the back of the student book.

7th Edition Content Changes

  • REVISED! Chapter 3 from the previous edition is now split into two chapters at the suggestion of reviewers.

  • NEW! Data has been updated to increase student interest in mathematics. Some new application topics include organic food sales, video-on-demand, active Twitter™ users, wearable technology, U.S. Snapchat™ users and online gaming revenue.

  • UPDATED! Nearly 500 updated or new exercises have been added.


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