Kotlin for Android App Development eBook : 9780134854229

Kotlin for Android App Development eBook

Sommerhoff ,P
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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About the book: Millions of Android developers want to discover the potential of Google’s modern new Kotlin language, which brings state-of-the-art programming techniques and constructs to Android development for the first time.

Kotlin for Android App Development is the fastest, most practical way to discover Kotlin, start using it in production app development, and integrate Kotlin code into existing Android apps. Expert Peter Somerhoff reveals why Kotlin is so expressive, concise, extensible, and powerful -- and why it’s a joy to read and write Kotlin code. Somerhoff combines a complete language overview, practical development techniques, and extensive working examples for jumpstarting your own projects. There’s no better way to discover, explore, and succeed with Kotlin.

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Table of contents

Part I
1. Introducing Kotlin
2. Getting Started
3. Diving Into Kotlin
4. Functional Programming in Kotlin
5. Object-Orientation in Kotlin
6. Interoperability with Java
7. Concurrency in Kotlin

Part II
8. Android App Development
9. DSLs and Anko
10. Migrating Existing Apps to Kotlin
Appendix A. Further Resources
Appendix B. Glossary
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