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Chemical Process Safety (4e)

Crowl & Louvar
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As chemical processes have grown increasingly complex, so have the safety systems required to control them. Chemical Process Safety, 4th Edition, offers students and practitioners the deeper, more fundamental understanding of safety required to properly design and manage these sophisticated processes and systems.

Long the field’s definitive guide, this edition has been extensively updated throughout to cover current techniques and procedures. It includes extensive updates to chapters on relief sizing, hazards identification, risk assessment, and many other topics. Extensive new web resources include 50 new problems and solutions (mostly in SI units), and 25 new case histories. The book’s coverage also includes

  • Toxicology
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Source models
  • Toxic release and dispersion models
  • Fires, explosions, and their prevention
  • Chemical reactivity
  • Reliefs
  • Safety procedures, designs, and more
Chemical Process Safety, 4th Edition, fully reflects both industrial and academic perspectives, ensuring that material is presented on a fundamental basis and linked closely to actual practice, and making it indispensable for both students and working engineers.
Table of contents
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Toxicology
  • 3. Industrial Hygiene
  • 4. Source Models
  • 5. Toxic Release and Dispersion Models
  • 6. Fires and Explosions
  • 7. Concepts to Prevent Fires and Explosions
  • 8. Chemical Reactivity
  • 9. Introduction to Reliefs
  • 10. Relief Sizing
  • 11. Hazards Identification.
  • 12. Risk Assessment
  • 13. Safety Procedures and Designs
  • 14. Case Histories
New to this edition
This edition has been updated throughout to reflect current industrial practices. Highlights include:
  • A completely rewritten introduction
  • Especially extensive updates to chapters on Relief Sizing, Hazards Identification, and Risk Assessment
  • A new website containing extensive resources, including 50 new problems and solutions (mostly in SI units, ideal for international markets; as well as 25 new case histories on recent incidents