Succeeding in the Practicum: A Preparation Guide for Medical Assisting and Allied Health (3e) : 9780134874203

Succeeding in the Practicum: A Preparation Guide for Medical Assisting and Allied Health (3e)

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For courses in comprehensive medical assisting.

A companion for practicum, for the future allied health professional

Succeeding in the Practicum offers a full picture of the practicum experience, including its value and purpose, the expectations for all aspects of the journey, and the benefits and opportunities it presents. Students gain the skills they need to handle new challenges, act responsibly, and develop professionally as they prepare to move into the workforce. Critical thinking, journaling, and role-play activities help learners optimise and reflect on their practicum as they go.
Table of contents
  • 1. The Link Between Your Education and Your Career
  • 2. Meeting and Exceeding Expectations
  • 3. Practicum Site Placement Interviews
  • 4. Attitudes and Perceptions
  • 5. Etiquette and Professional Manners
  • 6. Communication and Developing Professional Relationships
  • 7. Fulfilling the “Student” Role During the Practicum
  • 8. Benefits of Successful Practicum Completion
  • 9. Performance Evaluation and Your Grade
  • 10. Allied Health Practicum: Case Studies
  • 11. Beyond the Practicum: Beginning Your Job Search
Features & benefits
  • Spotlight On... feature throughout chapters highlights a variety of allied health specialties and the role and value of the practicum to each area. A Spotlight on... Medical Assisting Certification is new to this edition.
  • A section on the right mindset a student should have going into their site training has been added.
  • Information on non-traditional interviewing, specifically phone and video interviews, has been updated.
  • Effective communication is addressed further with additional discussion on communicating in professional relationships and a new section on communicating with patient subgroups.
  • Self-Prep Questions prompt students to think critically about what they would do in certain situations, as well as how to evaluate and improve their performance and etiquette. Students have ample room to write their answers.
  • A Journal at the end of the text provides lined pages for students to take notes on, or to record and reflect on their practicum experience as they move through the training program.
  • A Role-Play Scenario in each chapter leads students to consider what is “wrong” or “right” about the behavior of each participant. Space is provided for recording answers.
  • A Readiness Checklist at the end of each chapter helps students track their progress in relation to chapter objectives. Students can check off objectives as they meet each one.
  • Tips from Professionals sections throughout the text provide up-front, practical advice from industry professionals who have trained and worked with practicum students. Tips include pitfalls and mistakes to avoid.
  • Photos of modern healthcare workers and professions throughout the text prepare students for what they can expect on the job.
  • Overview of LinkedIn® profiles makes learners aware of this important part of career prep.
  • More details on applying for jobs after the practicum appears in this edition.
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