Biology: The Core (3e) : 9780134891514

Biology: The Core (3e)

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For non-majors/mixed biology courses.

Help students see biology’s relevance by focusing on core concepts

Eric Simon’s Biology: The Core presents essential biological concepts, using a unique visual and hybrid approach. The succinct 12-chapter textbook uses dynamic figures and illustrations organized into concise, self-contained 2-page modules that focus students’ attention to what is most relevant.

The 3rd Edition focuses on current issues and presents active learning and flipped classroom strategies that encourage students to think and actively participate in the non-majors biology course. Ten new Core Issues modules engage students and help them see the relationship between key concepts and current issues they are familiar with such as nutrition, antibiotic resistance, diabetes, cancer, vaccinations, and more.
Table of contents
  • 1. An introduction to the Science of Life
  • 2. The Chemistry of Life
  • 3. The Cell: The Fundamental Unit of Life
  • 4. Energy and Life
  • 5. Chromosomes and Inheritance
  • 6. DNA: Molecule of Life
  • 7. Darwinian Evolution
  • 8. Biodiversity 1: Microscopic Organisms
  • 9. Biodiversity 2: Fungi and Plants
  • 10. Biodiversity 3: Animals
  • 11. Human Body Systems
  • 12. Ecology
Features & benefits
  • Ten Core Issues modules highlight relevant current issues like vaccinations, antibiotic resistance, cancer, and more. Each new module relates the core issue to biological concepts to help students see the relevancy of the course material, as well as connections across chapter concepts.
  • New and Updated Current Topic Lecture slides integrate core biology content and an expanded discussion of relevant current topics into a set of high interest lecture PowerPoint slides, giving instructors a cohesive and easy-to-implement teaching tool.
  • Building Science Literacy coaching activities focus on the practical application of scientific literacy and science process skills in students’ everyday lives. Developed by author Eric Simon, these activities help ensure students become educated consumers of scientific information and cover topics such as reading a food label or identifying reliable sources of information about cancer on the internet.
  • New - Content in Chapter 1 gets students on the right track by covering science literacy skills from the very first page. Students learn about topics such as the process of science, science versus pseudoscience, reliability of sources, and more, conveyed via The Core’s hallmark visual approach.
  • New - GraphIt activities, Evaluating Science in the Media and Scientific Thinking coaching activities offer a robust set of items that emphasise data literacy, critical thinking and scientific reasoning.
  • Each core biological concept is presented as a two-page module that can stand on its own and be read in any order. Each module in the text contains only the most essential content for any concept. The efficient organisation of each module helps students focus their attention on key information and guides them through from the clearly stated concept at the start to the “core question” that checks their understanding at the end. A vibrant and contemporary art and photo program places captivating visuals at center stage as the primary teaching tool with narrative integrated seamlessly. Information is presented in an engaging and highly accessible format for the non-science major.
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