Exceptional Lives: Special Education in Today's Schools (9e) : 9780134984339

Exceptional Lives: Special Education in Today's Schools (9e)

Turnbull & Turnbull
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Real students, real stories, and real solutions
Exceptional Lives: Practice, Progress, & Dignity in Today’s Schools pairs real-life stories about children, their families, and their educators with the most recent evidence-based research on inclusion of students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment.

The 9th Edition highlights the important themes of ensuring students’ progress using research-based instruction and the ethical principle of dignity. New chapters examine educational progress and long-term outcomes; school-wide supports; cross-cutting instructional approaches; and diversity and social justice. With its focus on real students, stories, and solutions, Exceptional Lives gives readers a comprehensive view of the rewards, challenges, and triumphs involved in special education today.

Table of contents
  • 1. The Purposes, People, and Law of Special Education
  • 2. Disability and Cultural Justice
  • 3. Today’s Families and Their Partnerships with Professionals
  • 4. Ensuring Educational Progress
  • 5. School-wide Systems of Supports
  • 6. Cross-cutting Instructional Approaches
  • 7. Students with Learning Disabilities
  • 8. Students with Speech and Language Disorders
  • 9. Students with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders
  • 10. Students with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • 11. Students with Intellectual Disability
  • 12. Students with Autism
  • 13. Students with Multiple Disabilities and Traumatic Brain Injury
  • 14. Students with Physical Disabilities and Other Health Impairments
  • 15. Students with Hearing Impairments
  • 16. Students with Visual Impairments
  • 17. Students Who Are Gifted and Talented
Features & benefits
  • Real-world chapter-opening vignettes tell the stories of actual students with exceptionalities, their families, their teachers, and the other important professionals who impact their lives.
  • My Voice features highlight the collaborations, challenges, and triumphs involved in special education through the first-person experiences of students, families, and teachers.
  • Into Practice Across the Grades features describe the components of an intervention that are particularly appropriate for some students, even as it describes cross-cutting strategies appropriate for all students.
  • Guidelines for Teaching features provide sequential steps for executing research-based practices, procedures, or processes.
  • A new chapter on cross-cutting instructional approaches focuses on designing learning environments that promote students’ progress.
  • Into Practice features describe practical, step-by-step strategies. Every categorical chapter presents strategies across grade levels to give all prospective teachers real-life examples.
  • Inclusion Tips provide helpful advice and strategies for inclusion in regard to including students with specific disability issues in the general curriculum.
  • An increased emphasis on progress and advocacy through research-based practices
  • A new focus on educational progress reflects the recent Supreme Court decision (2017) that says special educators must offer their students an education that is appropriately ambitious and offers them challenging objectives.
  • A new chapter on diversity and cultural justice describes the progress of the civil rights movement in education; summarises research findings about cultural bias related to disability and race; teaches readers about how disability intersects challenges of students from diverse populations; and provides strategies for teaching restorative practices and being a culturally responsive teacher.
  • A new chapter on progress examines how the Supreme Court decision affects special education teaching and learning. It describes the procedures for evaluating students, offering an appropriate education, inclusion in the general curriculum, and monitoring student progress in the general curriculum.
  • A new chapter on school-wide supports describes the most common and most research-based tiered systems to promote educational progress and self-determination: school-wide positive behaviour intervention and supports (SW-PBIS); response to intervention (RTI); and comprehensive, integrated three-tiered systems (Ci3T).
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