Advanced Engine Performance Diagnosis eBook (7e) : 9780134985701

Advanced Engine Performance Diagnosis eBook (7e)

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About the book: Preparing today’s automotive students for career success!

Market-leading Advanced Engine Performance Diagnosis has been fully updated and expanded to address the latest technology and automotive systems. Written to current ASE tasks and standards, the text covers all tasks of the A8 (Automotive Engine Performance) and L1 (Advanced Level Engine Performance) ASE areas. Each chapter includes practical examples and step-by-step photo sequences covering terminology, best practices, and on-the-job procedures. The 7th edition has new chapters on oscilloscopes and DSOs, immobiliser systems, and module programming.

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Table of contents
  • 1. The Diagnostic Process
  • 2. Gasoline, Alternative Fuels, and Diesel Fuels
  • 3. Circuit Testers and Digital Meters
  • 4. Oscilloscopes and DSOs
  • 5. Gasoline Engine Systems
  • 6. In-Vehicle Engine Service
  • 7. Valve Train and Variable Valve Timing Systems
  • 8. Engine and Misfire Diagnosis
  • 9. CAN and Network Communications
  • 10. On-Board Diagnosis and Monitors
  • 11. Global OBD II and Mode $06
  • 12. Immobilizer System
  • 13. Starting and Charging Systems Diagnosis
  • 14. Ignition System Operation and Service
  • 15. Temperature Sensors
  • 16. Throttle Position (TP) Sensors
  • 17. MAP and MAF Sensors
  • 18. Electronic Throttle Control Systems
  • 19. Oxygen Sensors
  • 20. Fuel Trim Diagnosis
  • 21. Fuel Pumps, Lines, and Filters
  • 22. Fuel Injection Systems
  • 23. Gasoline Direct Injection Systems
  • 24. Fuel Injection System Diagnosis
  • 25. Electronic Transmission Controls
  • 26. Vehicle Emission Standards and Testing
  • 27. Emission Control System Devices, Operation, and Diagnosis
  • 28. Module Reprogramming
  • 29. Symptom-Based Diagnosis
Features & benefits
  • Student-friendly breakdown of automotive systems, components, and procedures
  • Concise, easy-to-read chapters present content in manageable sections so instructors can assign topics via chapters rather than individual pages or questions.
  • More than 200 new full-colour photos and line drawings bring subject matter to life, such as good versus defective parts and the inner workings of components.
  • Centrally located content about each system or component – including theory, construction, diagnosis, and service – saves students time searching the rest of the text for related information.
  • Engaging study tools such as step-by-step photo sequences detail best-practice approaches for performing specific tasks or service procedures, such as diagnosing and troubleshooting faults.
  • Case studies in technical chapters present real-world customer issues, and cover the three C’s (Complaint, Cause, Correction) of handling such issues.
  • Real World Fix boxes present actual service scenarios and show how the problems were diagnosed and repaired.
  • Safety Tips, Tech Tips, Notes, Cautions, Warnings, and FAQs offer the real-world perspective of ASE-certified master technicians on safety measures, technical information, efficiency, and actions that can damage vehicles.
  • Chapter Learning Objectives and a chapter-ending Summary, Review Questions, Key Term Flashcards, and the Chapter Quiz support effective learning and provide ample practice.
  • The new edition has been reorganised and its chapters abridged for a smoother flow and an easier time reading and assigning topics.
  • Chapter 7, Valve Train and Variable Valve Timing Diagnosis, has been rewritten and updated to include Fiat-Chrysler Multiair systems and additional diagnosis procedures.
  • The new Tier 3 emission standards now appear in Chapter 26, Vehicle Emissions Standards and Testing.
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