Correctional Administration: Integrating Theory and Practice eBook (3e) : 9780134993874

Correctional Administration: Integrating Theory and Practice eBook (3e)

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For courses in Correctional Administration.


A practical introduction to the theory, practice, and challenges of correctional administration.

Correctional Administration: Integrating Theory and Practice provides students with a practical understanding of correctional operations. Touching briefly on the history and background of corrections, its focus lies in teaching students the purpose and practice of working in a corrections facility, along with the challenges that face its staff and administrators. Case studies, career information, and real situational examples give students a practical understanding they can take with them to a future career.


The 3rd Edition provides students with updated information on the various elements and challenges of the job. Recent data regarding correctional populations and costs and research findings that impact correctional policy give students valid insight into how the correctional system functions.

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Table of contents
  • 1.  Correctional Administration: Past to Present
  • 2.  Theories of Leadership and Management
  • 3.  Leadership and Management of Corrections
  • 4.  Setting the Tone: Vision, Mission, and Strategic Planning
  • 5.  The Role of Staff in Corrections
  • 6.  Human Resource Management for Corrections
  • 7.  Staff Organization and Functions
  • 8.  Supervising and Empowering Employees
  • 9.  Fiscal Management and the Challenge of Cost Containment
  • 10.  Managing Risk through Offender Classification
  • 11.  Managing the External Environment
  • 12.  Managing Security in Prisons
  • 13.  Managing Programs in Prisons
  • 14.  Managing Basic Services in Prisons
  • 15.  Critical Issues for Correctional Administration
  • 16. The Future of Correctional Administration
Features & benefits

Correctional Administration: Integrating Theory and Practice provides the following features for students:


Practical approaches for correctional officers to use on the job

  • The text centers around the theory behind the correctional system and real challenges correctional officers face on the job to prepare students for the realities of the field.
  • A Look Into boxes present case studies that offer students insight into real issues faced by correctional facility staff members.
  • Your Career In Corrections features in each chapter demonstrate different jobs students can follow in their corrections career with information on type of jobs available, what they do, job requirements, and possible pay and work conditions.
  • You Make the Decision features at the end of every chapter presents students with real situations they may encounter in the field, such as making a decision about probation.   
  • An Interview With features demonstrate personal accounts of correctional officers, administrators, and inmates to give real life insight into the field.


UPDATED! Provides students with state-of-the-art information on correctional facility operation and the issues faced by policy-makers and practitioners.

  • Recent data on correctional populations and policy research give students up-to-date insights on the system.
  • NEW! Recent updates in sentencing policy reform examines state by state incarceration rates and address the policy decisions behind them. The material also touches on the impact of recent efforts to reduce costs on correctional facilities.
  • UPDATED! References to current court cases that affect practices have been updated throughout the text, most notably in Chapter 15 on inmate rights and the death penalty.
  • UPDATED! The impact of budgets on correctional policy is addressed with more recent information, activities, and implications, as it continues to have a major impact.
  • NEW! Coverage of death penalty drugs and the difficulty facilities face in following protocol for administering the death penalty.
  • UPDATED! Information on the supermax prison and administrative segregation.
  • NEW! Information on recent controversies and issues regarding the operation of private prisons.
  • NEW! Information on treatment program effectiveness on reducing relapse.
  • NEW! Chapter 8 has a new section describing the redistribution of policy and resources to move juvenile offenders to residential community supervision.
  • NEW! Chapter 10 discusses new issues regarding the challenge of recruiting and retaining correctional staff.
  • NEW! Chapter 13 includes a new section on improving prison security through staff communications and interactions with inmates.
  • UPDATED! Chapter 16 includes new information on the state of correctional budgets, changes in prison and jail populations, and the softening role of politics’ “tough on crime” attitude.
  • Modern Correctional Policy Development is addressed in each chapter.
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