Soils and Foundations (8e) : 9780135113905

Soils and Foundations (8e)

Liu, Cheng & Evett, Jack
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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For all courses in soils and foundations, geotechnical engineering, soil mechanics, and foundation engineering.


Ideal for beginners, Soils and Foundations presents all essential aspects of soils and foundations in as simple and direct a manner as possible. Filled with worked examples, step-by-step solutions, and hands-on practice problems, it emphasises design and practical applications supported by basic theory. Throughout, the authors promote learning through the extensive use of diagrams, charts, and illustrations. Coverage includes: engineering properties of soils: soil exploration, compaction, stabilisation, and consolidation; water in soil; subsurface stresses; settlement of structures; shear strength; shallow and deep foundations; lateral earth pressure; retaining structures, and stability analysis of slopes. This edition's new coverage includes Pressuremeter and Dilatometer tests, water flow characterisation with Bernoulli's Theorem, dewatering, uplift pressure on dams, and subsurface stresses caused by overlying soil masses.

Table of contents
  • Preface
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Engineering Properties of Soils
  • 3. Soil Exploration
  • 4. Soil Compaction and Stabilization
  • 5. Water in Soil
  • 6. Subsurface Stresses in Soils
  • 7. Consolidation of Soil and Settlement of Structures
  • 8. Shear Strength of Soil.
  • 9. Shallow Foundations
  • 10. Deep Foundations
  • 11. Lateral Earth Pressure
  • 12. Retaining Structures
  • 13. Stability Analysis of Slopes
  • Answers to Selected Problems
  • Appendix: Conversion Factors
  • References Cited
  • Index
New to this edition

Updated to present the field's latest techniques and additional calculation methods.


New! Coverage of Pressuremeter and Dilatometer Testsfor more effective soil exploration
  • Gives students access to more effective techniques for soil exploration
New! Explanation of Bernoulli's Theoremfor calculation of water flow through soils
  • Helps students characterize water flow in soils more accurately 

New! Added sections on Dewatering and Uplift Pressure on Dams—in the text's extensive chapter on Water in Soil

  • Improves students' readiness to manage water in soil

New! Added coverage of Subsurface Stresses Caused by Overlying Soil Masses—in a more complete chapter on subsurface stresses in soil

  • Helps students estimate and effectively manage subsurface stresses 

Improved! More coherent coverage of Deep Foundations—bringing together coverage that formerly appeared in two separate chapters

  • Gives students a more coherent and integrated understanding of pile and drilled shaft foundations
Features & benefits


Easy to read and understand. Well organized and presented in the simplest language possible, to help beginners start quickly and stay engaged as the material becomes more challenging.


Uses proven pedagogical features to help students learn faster and retain more. Chapters start with background, overviews, key terms, and clear learning objectives.


Offers extensive opportunities for hands-on practice. Presents worked examples in step-by-step detail throughout, and then concludes each chapter with many realistic problems designed to help students practice with both concepts and methods.


Teaches visually and intuitively. Promotes learning through the extensive use of diagrams, charts, and illustrations,

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