Kotlin Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide eBook : 9780135162361

Kotlin Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide eBook

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About the book: In this book you will learn to work effectively with the Kotlin language through carefully considered examples designed to teach you Kotlin’s elegant style and features.

Starting from first principles, you will work your way to advanced usage of Kotlin, empowering you to create programs that are more reliable with less code.

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Table of contents
1. Getting Started
2. Constants, Types, and Variables
3. Conditionals
4. Null Safety and Exceptions
5. Arrays and Collections
6. Iteration
7. Kotlin Standard Library
8. Functions
9. Classes
10. Inheritance
11. Interfaces and Abstract Classes
12. Generics
13. Function Types and Higher-Order Functions
14. Functional Programming Basics
15. Extensions
16. Delegation
17. Java Interoperability and Reflection
18. Coroutines
19. Building Libraries with Kotlin
20. Your First Kotlin Android App
21. Platform-Independent Kotlin
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