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General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry eBook (4e)

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For courses in General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry (1 - Semester)

An integrated and applied approach to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry

General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry strengthens the evidenced strategy of integrating general, organic, and biological chemistry for a focused introduction to the fundamental connections between chemistry and life. The streamlined approach establishes a clear path through the content over a single semester. The text integrates essential topics more effectively than any text on the market, covering core concepts in each discipline in just 12 comprehensive chapters.

With the 4th Edition, authors Laura Frost and Todd Deal apply their knowledge and experience in the science of learning to incorporate research and best practices based on how students learn. A stronger applied focus provides practical connections and applications, showing both allied-health and non-science majors how to use their understanding of chemistry in future health professions and in their everyday lives.

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Table of contents
  • 1 Chemistry Basics- Matter and Measurement
  • 2 Atoms and Radioactivity
  • 3 Compounds- How Elements Combine
  • 4 Introduction to Organic Compounds
  • 5 Chemical Reactions
  • 6 Carbohydrates- Life’s Sweet Molecules
  • 7 States of Matter and Their Attractive Forces: Gas Laws, Solubility, and Applications to the Cell Membrane
  • 8 Solution Chemistry- Sugar and Water Do Mix
  • 9 Acids, Bases, and Buffers in the Body
  • 10 Proteins- Workers of the Cell
  • 11 Nucleic Acids- Big Molecules with a Big Role
  • 12 Food as Fuel- An Overview of Metabolism
Features & benefits
  • New - Learning Tips help students build skills to study and learn chemistry effectively. One tip appears in the chapter opening and addresses a complicated topic that is difficult for students to work through.
  • Updated - Discovering the Concepts can be used to engage students in groups during class as they construct an understanding of the content in cooperation with their peers.
  • Revised - Inquiry Questions encourage students to immediately apply their problem-solving skills to the concepts learned in that section without waiting until the end of the chapter. The questions appear at the beginning of every section within each chapter.
  • Guided Inquiry Activities, authored by Laura Frost, guide students through an exploration of the given information to develop chemical concepts, and then apply the developed concept to further examples.
  • Added - Clinical examples throughout the text pay particular attention to topics such as acid base and biochemistry.
  • Expanded - Topics focused on health science emphasise that good health and science literacy are critical for everyone and appear throughout the text. Examples include two new Integrating Chemistry features covering common viral diseases and gluten sensitivity.
  • Health-Related Problems are integrated throughout each chapter and are tied to real-life applications from allied health fields, helping to promote critical-thinking skills and to connect the chemistry learned with their future professions.
  • Macro-to-Micro Illustrations show students how reactions occur on the molecular level, giving them a greater visual understanding of chemical processes.
  • All in-chapter and end-of-chapter problems challenge students to put key concepts and ideas to use. The Additional Problems section at the end of each chapter integrates major chapter concepts to improve understanding and promote critical thinking.
  • Challenge Problems at the end of each chapter offer students the opportunity to test their skills with more difficult problems.
  • Sample Problems throughout the text offer stepped-out problems with annotations, allowing students to understand the strategy used to arrive at the solution.
  • Inquiry Questions appear at the beginning of each section within a chapter, encouraging students to apply their problem-solving skills to the concepts covered in that section from the outset, without waiting until the end of the chapter.
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