Personality Psychology: Understanding Yourself and Others eBook (2e) : 9780135200537

Personality Psychology: Understanding Yourself and Others eBook (2e)

Twenge,J et al
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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About the book: For courses in Personality Psychology. A modern approach to personality that harnesses students’ curiosity about themselves and their peers.

Personality Psychology: Understanding Yourself and Others presents an up-to-date overview of arguably the most interesting and relevant subfield in psychology for today’s undergraduate students. Committed to teaching students about personality psychology as well as about life itself, authors Jean Twenge and W. Keith Campbell address students’ most pressing questions about friendship, relationships, health, happiness, and more. Designed to appeal to today’s students — who are enmeshed in social media — the 2nd Edition offers coverage of contemporary topics of interest, such as how the “Big Five” personality traits relate to digital communication and the impact of partner personality traits on relationship satisfaction.

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Table of contents
  • 1. Understanding Yourself and Others
  • 2. Assessment and Methods
  • 3. The Big Five Personality Traits
  • 4. Biological Underpinnings of Personality
  • 5. Self-Concept and Self-Processes
  • 6. Psychodynamic Approaches
  • 7. Motivation
  • 8. How Learning Shapes Behavior
  • 9. Personality Across the Lifespan
  • 10. Gender and Personality
  • 11. Culture and Personality
  • 12. Personality in the Workplace
  • 13. Personality and Relationships
  • 14. Personality and Mental Health
  • 15. Personality and Physical Health
Features & benefits
  • Rather than covering all approaches to personality equally, Personality Psychology focuses on modern theories of personality psychology and their applications to the lives of students. The authors let the research of today dictate what receives the most coverage, conveying these findings in the real-world contexts that will shape students’ lives long after they finish the course. Classic theories are touched upon if they (1) inform modern research, (2) continue to echo through the culture and our lives, and/or (3) attempt to explain phenomena difficult to capture with empirical methods.
  • The authors walk students through the modern science of personality via a three-part approach:
  • Part I introduces the basic concepts of personality psychology and the methods for studying it.
  • Part II presents the foundational approaches to personality.
  • Finally, Part III explores personality in applied contexts, such as choosing a career, developing personal relationships, and physical health.
  • Personality’s Past features spotlight critical moments in the history of personality psychology.
  • Timelines highlight the history of certain areas of research, providing concise overviews of classic theories and theorists.
  • The 2nd Edition offers new material on key topics such as: how the “Big Five” personality traits relate to digital communication sociosexuality; evolution and same sex attraction; testosterone exposure effects; partner personality traits and relationship satisfaction; the interplay between personality traits and psychological disorders; the opioid epidemic
  • Extensive coverage of new studies and citations highlights the most recent and relevant research in the field.
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