Understanding EKGs: A Practical Approach (5e) : 9780135213414

Understanding EKGs: A Practical Approach (5e)

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For courses in paramedics.

A simple five-step approach to interpreting EKGs

Understanding EKGs: A Practical Approach is a practical yet comprehensive guide to basic EKG interpretation. With short, succinct chapters that work consecutively, this text is for the healthcare provider who is new to cardiovascular anatomy, physiology, and rhythm strip interpretation. Hundreds of review questions and review strips reinforce course material. The 5th edition reflects the most up-to-date standards of care, including the updated guidelines of the American Heart Association. The new edition also features 50 additional review questions, expanded graphics, and new or enhanced chapter objectives.
Table of contents
  • 1. The Anatomy of the Heart: Structure
  • 2. Cardiovascular Physiology: Function
  • 3. Basic Electrophysiology
  • 4. The Electrical Conduction System
  • 5. The Electrocardiogram
  • 6. Interpretation of an EKG Strip
  • 7. Introducing the Sinus Rhythms
  • 8. Introducing the Atrial Rhythms
  • 9. Introducing the Junctional Rhythms
  • 10. Introducing the Ventricular Rhythms
  • 11. Introducing the Heart Block Rhythms
  • 12. Introducing the Pacemaker Rhythms
  • 13. Assessment and Treatment of the Patient with Cardiac Emergencies
  • 14. More Review Questions
  • 15. Review EKG Strips
Features & benefits
  • Information has been updated to reflect current standards of care, including the updated guidelines of the American Heart Association.
  • The Key Points to Remember feature at the end of each chapter reiterates important information throughout the text. These points have been reviewed and enhanced for the new edition.
  • Rhythm strip examples based on the five-step approach prepare students to analyse EKGs in real work situations.
  • 100 review questions appear in Chapter 14; answers are in Appendix 1.
  • 150 Review EKG Strips based on the five-step approach appear in Chapter 15; answers are in Appendix 2. This edition includes 50 additional review strips.
  • End-of-chapter review questions have been reviewed, updated, and revised.
  • Chapter objectives and marginal glossary terms have been reviewed, added, or enhanced.
  • Graphics ease the educational process for the visual learner.
  • A heart rate calculator ruler gives students a tool they can take into the field.
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