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Precalculus eBook (11e)

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For courses in Precalculus.

Michael Sullivan’s time-tested approach focuses students on the fundamental skills they need for the course: preparing for class, practicing with homework, and reviewing the concepts. The 11th Edition continues to evolve to meet the needs of today’s students.

This series prepares and supports students with access to help, where and when they require it. The hallmark Sullivan cycle of continuous preparation and retention – along with the high-quality exercises that Sullivan texts are known for – gives students the reinforcement they need.

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Table of contents
  • 1. Graphs
  • 2. Functions and Their Graphs
  • 3. Linear and Quadratic Functions
  • 4. Polynomial and Rational Functions
  • 5. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  • 6. Trigonometric Functions
  • 7. Analytic Trigonometry
  • 8. Applications of Trigonometric Functions
  • 9. Polar Coordinates; Vectors
  • 10. Analytic Geometry
  • 11. Systems of Equations and Inequalities
  • 12. Sequences; Induction; the Binomial Theorem
  • 13. Counting and Probability
  • 14. A Preview of Calculus: The Limit, Derivative, and Integral of a Function
  • Appendix A: Review
  • Appendix B: Graphing Utilities
  • Answers
  • Credits
  • Index
Features & benefits
  • Just-in-time review begins all sections to prepare students for the topics ahead. Preparing for This Section lists previously learned concepts that will be useful in the section ahead. Page references are included for easy review. Now Work "Are You Prepared?" problems support the Preparing for This Section feature, allowing students to check that they are ready to proceed to the section ahead or if they need to turn back for further review. These problems appear at the start of each exercise set.
  • All examples are clearly written and most conclude with a direction to Now Work, a related exercise, helping students to learn by doing. Showcase Examples provide how-to instruction by offering a guided, step-by-step approach to solving a problem. Students can immediately see how each of the steps in a problem is employed.
  • Model It examples and exercises are now highlighted, making it easy to identify which exercises ask students to build a mathematical model from verbal descriptions or from data.
  • New - Need to Review? is placed at the point of need for students. It provides a reference and page number to the discussion of a previous topic used in the current presentation.
  • New - Graphing Images throughout each chapter show TI-84 Plus C and desmos screenshots. Using the graphing technology students are most familiar with, these images help students visualise concepts clearly and make stronger connections among equations, data and graphs in full color.
  • Calculus icons appear next to information essential for the study of calculus. When the icon appears next to a definition, the notation used is consistent with that used in calculus.
  • In Words provide alternative descriptions of select definitions and theorems, translating math into plain English. Warnings point out common mistakes and help students avoid them.
  • Updated - Skill Building problems provide straightforward practice, are organised by difficulty, and are correlated to section examples. Graphical problems use graphs in a variety of ways, supplementing students’ analytical understanding with graphical understanding. Mixed Practice problems offer comprehensive assessment of the skills learned in the section by asking questions that relate to more than one concept or objective. These problems may also require students to utilise skills learned in previous sections, helping them to see how concepts are tied together.
  • Updated - Retain Your Knowledge exercises improve students’ recall of concepts learned earlier in the course. New for the 11th Edition, additional exercises are included that emphasise content students will build upon in the immediate upcoming section.
  • Updated - Applications and Extensions allows students to apply their skills to real-world problems and to extend concepts learned in the section. These exercises have been updated and reflect the most current data available.
  • New - Challenge Problems appear in most Exercise sets at the end of Applications and Extensions. Challenge Problems are thought-provoking and require some ingenuity to solve. They can be used for group work or to simply challenge your students.
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