GO! All in One: Computer Concepts and Applications (4e) : 9780135438978

GO! All in One: Computer Concepts and Applications (4e)

Gaskin,S et al
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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Seamless Microsoft Office instruction, practice, and assessment – coupled with computer concepts

With GO! All in One: Computer Concepts and Applications, you can teach computer concepts and applications together – the way they’re meant to be used. Engage students with jobs-related projects that teach Microsoft Office in the context of a real workplace. Put concepts into action using a jobs-focused, unit-based approach, or take an IC3-based approach to prepare students for IC3 exams. Throughout projects, Gaskin uses easy-to-follow Microsoft Procedural Syntax so students always know where to go on the ribbon; she combines this with a Teachable Moment approach that offers learners tips and instructions at the precise moment they’re needed.
Table of contents
  • 1. Concepts: Computers and Information Processing
  • 2. Concepts: Hardware
  • 3. Concepts: System Software
  • 4. Concepts: Networks, Security, and Privacy
  • 5. Concepts: Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  • 6. Concepts: Application Software
  • 7. Concepts: The Internet
  • 8. Concepts: Digital Ethics and Awareness
  • 9. Applications: Cloud Computing
  • 10. Applications: Microsoft Office Features and Windows 10 File Management
  • 11. Applications: Creating Documents with Microsoft Word
  • 12. Applications: Creating Cover Letters and Using Tables to Create Resumes
  • 13. Applications: Creating Research Papers, Newsletters, and Merged Mailing Labels
  • 14. Applications: Creating a Worksheet and Charting Data
  • 15. Applications: Using Functions, Creating Tables, and Managing Large Workbooks
  • 16. Applications: Analyzing Data with Pie Charts, Line Charts, and What-If Analysis Tools
  • 17. Applications: Getting Started with Microsoft Access 2019
  • 18. Applications: Getting Started with Microsoft PowerPoint
Features & benefits
  • The integrated IC3 objectives make this the one resource needed to learn computer concepts, gain critical productivity skills, and prepare to get IC3 certified.
  • Students learn skills for creation and collaboration by using all of the latest web tools, including cloud-based applications such as Skype®, Gmail®, LinkedIn®, and Twitter®.
  • A Job Focus in each unit describes jobs that require a combination of computer concepts and applications skills.
  • Content and outcomes updated for Microsoft® Office 365®, 2019 edition
  • Revised - Comprehensive coverage of Microsoft Office 365, 2019 edition, keeps students current with modern skills.
  • Enhanced - Strengthened connections between business cases and instruction better reinforce the what, why, and how of skills application.
  • The MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) objectives are covered throughout the content and highlighted with MOS icons. They focus on high-demand Office skills to prepare students for the MOS certification exams.
  • New - A newly combined Office Features and Windows chapter provides a more concise overview of key features and an easier way to reference information needed to complete projects.
  • Revised - All projects, in each chapter, have been thoroughly updated for the new edition. Projects are organised around learning outcomes and numbered objectives, rather than software features, placing skills in the context of the workplace.
  • End-of-chapter projects prompt students to apply what they have learned in the outcomes-based, problem-solving, and critical thinking projects within chapters.
  • GO! Collaborate with Google® projects give students practice applying their skills to an environment increasingly popular in workplaces.
  • Expanded - New critical thinking quizzes that accompany the Instructional A & B Grader Projects require students to demonstrate their understanding of the project through problem-solving and analysis – the soft skills employees look for.
  • New - Mac tips are now included within the text so that all students can learn effectively.
  • The clean, uncluttered page design supports effective learning. It includes screenshots that validate students’ actions while engaging visual learners.
  • Colour-coded steps and end-of project icons guide students through projects and tell them when a project is complete, which is especially useful in self-paced or online environments.
  • Important information is boxed within the text in sections such as Mac Tips, Another Way, By Touch, Note, Alert, or More Knowledge, reducing the chance students will overlook key concepts.
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