-SQL Window Functions: For data analysis and beyond (2e) : 9780135861448

-SQL Window Functions: For data analysis and beyond (2e)

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Use window functions to write simpler, better, more efficient T-SQL queries

Most T-SQL developers recognize the value of window functions for data analysis calculations. But they can do far more, and recent optimizations make them even more powerful. In T-SQL Window Functions, renowned T-SQL expert Itzik Ben-Gan introduces breakthrough techniques for using them to handle many common T-SQL querying tasks with unprecedented elegance and power. Using extensive code examples, he guides you through window aggregate, ranking, distribution, offset, and ordered set functions. You’ll find a detailed section on optimization, plus an extensive collection of business solutions — including novel techniques available in no other book.

Microsoft MVP Itzik Ben-Gan shows how to:

  • Use window functions to improve queries you previously built with predicates
  • Master essential SQL windowing concepts, and efficiently design window functions
  • Effectively utilize partitioning, ordering, and framing
  • Gain practical in-depth insight into window aggregate, ranking, offset, and statistical functions
  • Understand how the SQL standard supports ordered set functions, and find working solutions for functions not yet available in the language
  • Preview advanced Row Pattern Recognition (RPR) data analysis techniques
  • Optimize window functions in SQL Server and Azure SQL Database, making the most of indexing, parallelism, and more
  • Discover a full library of window function solutions for common business problems

About This Book

  • For developers, DBAs, data analysts, data scientists, BI professionals, and power users familiar with T-SQL queries
  • Addresses any edition of the SQL Server 2019 database engine or later, as well as Azure SQL Database

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Table of contents
Chapter 01: SQL Windowing

Chapter 02: A Detailed Look at Window Functions

Chapter 03: Ordered Set Functions

Chapter 04: Row Pattern Recognition in SQL

Chapter 05: Optimization of Window Functions

Chapter 06: T-SQL Solutions using Window Functions
Features & benefits
  • Discover the surprising power of window functions, and learn how to use them far more widely
  • The most advanced coverage of T-SQL window functions — including new techniques invented by author Itzik Ben-Gan, one of the world’s top T-SQL experts
  • Covers T-SQL for all recent versions of Microsoft SQL Server (including 2019) and Microsoft Azure SQL Database — including important new window function optimizations
  • Ideal for anyone who uses T-SQL to solve business problems