VCP-DCV Official Cert Guide (4e) : 9780135898192

VCP-DCV Official Cert Guide (4e)

Baca,S et al
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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VCP-DCV Official Cert Guide helps you systematically prepare for your VCP-DCV 2019 exam by mastering all key exam objectives associated with vSphere v.6.7. Thoroughly updated for VMware’s 2019 exam changes, it offers an exceptionally well-organised and efficient test-preparation system based on proven series elements and techniques.

Chapter-opening Do I Know This Already? quizzes help you decide how much time you need to spend on each section, exam topic lists make referencing easy, and chapter-ending Exam Preparation Tasks help you drill on the key concepts you must know thoroughly. The companion website contains a powerful Pearson IT Certification Practice Test engine that enables you to focus on individual topic areas or take a complete, timed exam. The assessment engine tracks your performance and provides feedback on a module-by-module basis, laying out a complete assessment of your knowledge to help you focus your study where it is needed most.

Leading VMware consultants, trainers, and data center experts John A. Davis, Steve Baca, and Owen Thomas share preparation hints and test-taking tips, helping you identify areas of weakness and improve conceptual knowledge and hands-on skills. Material is presented concisely, focusing on promoting understanding and retention. Coverage includes:
  • vSphere prerequisites
  • Storage and network infrastructure (physical and virtual)
  • vCenter Server features
  • Clusters and virtual machines
  • VMware product integration
  • High availability solutions
  • Securing vSphere
  • Planning and performing vSphere installations
  • Configuring vSphere (SSO and Virtual Networking)
  • Monitoring resources
  • VM configuration and performance
  • Managing networking, storage, security, clusters, resources, vCenter Server, and VMs
Table of contents
  • 1. vSphere Prerequisites
  • 2. Storage Infrastructure (Physical and Virtual)
  • 3. Network Infrastructure (Physical and Virtual)
  • 4. vCenter Server Features
  • 5. Clusters
  • 6. Virtual Machines
  • 7. VMware Product Integration
  • 8. High Availability Solutions
  • 9. Securing vSphere
  • 10. Planning a vSphere Installation (Logging, Inventory, Content Library)
  • 11. vSphere Installation (ESXi, VCSA)
  • 12. vSphere Configuration (SSO, Virtual Networking)
  • 13. Monitoring Resources (vSphere and VCSA)
  • 14. VM Configuration and Performance
  • 15. Manage Networking
  • 16. Manage Storage
  • 17. Manage Security
  • 18. Manage Clusters and Resources
  • 19. Manage vCenter Server (License, Objects, Alarms, VUM)
  • 20. Manage VMs (Provision, Migrate, Replication)
  • Appendix A. Answers to DIKTA Quizzes and Chapter Review Questions
  • Appendix B. Exam Updates