Creative Writer's Handbook (5e) : 9780136050520

Creative Writer's Handbook (5e)

Jason & Lefcowitz
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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For Creative Writing courses.

This handbook is the perfect reference for beginning creative writers. It offers abundant illustrations, exercises, and useful techniques in all genres. While emphasising problem-solving and the mastery of literary conventions, this handbook also takes the apprentice writer on a journey from inspiration to revision.

Table of contents
  • Anthology of Poems
  • Part I A Writer’s Concerns
  • 1 Working like a Writer
  • 2 Journal/Research/Invention
  • 3 Point of View
  • 4 Language Is Your Medium
  • Part II The Concerns of the Poet
  • 5 The Elements of Poetry
  • 6 Practicing Poetry
  • 7 Poetry Problems
  • Part III The Concerns of the Storyteller
  • 8 The Elements of Fiction
  • 9 Narration and Its Techniques
  • 10 Creative Nonfiction
  • 11 Stories and Nonfiction
  • Part IV The Concerns of the Playwright
  • 12 The Elements of Drama
  • 13 Dialogue and Its Problems
  • 14 Plays and Screen Plays
  • Part V The Writer’s Business
  • 15 From Drafting to Revision to Submission
  • Glossary of Key Terms
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index
New to this edition
  • New to the 5th Edition:

    • Fresh writing exercises
    • Research tips reflecting technological and media advances (Chapter 2 and 15)
    • Quotations on writing from renowned writers relating to topics
    • New poetry, fiction, non-fiction and plays.  See below for a detailed list.
    • Chapter and part opening images relevant to chapter topics 
    • Revised journal keeping chapter incorporating Internet research
    • Information on receiving feedback (Chapter 15)
    • Using the internet to sell your writing
    • Updated illustrations of techniques (tricks of the trade)
    • Increased demonstration of skills useful for writing all genres


New Selections



Allison Klein   “A Gate-Crasher's Change of Heart”

Lee Lawrence  Journal Excerpts 



Kate Blackwell, “You Won’t Remember This”

Robert Coover “Grandmother’s Nose”

Dorothy Canfield Fisher “Sex Education” 



Krista Benjamin “Letter from my Ancestors”

Christian Bok, “Vowels”

Geoffrey Brock “Flesh of John Brown’s Flesh: Dec. 2, 1859”

Sterling Brown, selection from “Old Lem”

Billy Collins “The Brooklyn Museum of Art” 

Albert Goldbarth “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”

Jessica Goodheart “Advice for a Stegosaurus”

Bob Hicok, “So I know”

Vicki Hudspith “Ants”

Joanie Mackowski “When I was a Dinosaur”

Richard Newman “Briefcase of Sorrow”

Linda Pastan “Death Is Intended”

John Godfrey Saxe “The Blind Men and the Elephant” 

William Stafford, “What’s in My Journal”

Kevin Young “Black Cat Blues”



Alice McDermott, selection from Charming Billy.  



Philip Gerard, “The Fact Behind the Facts”

E. Ethelbert Miller, sections from Fathering Words: The Making of an African American Writer  

Naomi Shihab Nye  “Mint Snowball”

Marjorie Schwarzer, Riches Rival Radical



Michel Wallerstein “Off Hand”


Features & benefits
  • Updated examples of effective stories, essays, poems and plays.
    • Explores the work of “classic” modern as well as active contemporary writers.

  • An extensive look at issues—Includes attitudes, habits, journal-keeping, point of view, language, invention and research, and more.
    • Presents students with the fundamental issues that are of importance to every creative writer.

  • Multiple exercises on each issue and genre explored—Includes many that are connected to the sample writing.
    • Involves students in the conventions and methods of literary craft, offering guidelines that may spark raw material worth developing into poems, stories, personal essays, or plays.