Absolute Beginner's Guide JavaScript eBook (2e) : 9780136204350

Absolute Beginner's Guide JavaScript eBook (2e)

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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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JavaScript Absolute Beginner's Guide is a quick, easy-to-understand, light-hearted introduction to JavaScript for non-programmers. JavaScript has become a vital complement to HTML5 and CSS3 web development – any web designer or developer needs an understanding of at least basic JavaScript

A new, easily accessible entry-level JavaScript tutorial for the reader with absolutely no programming background.

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Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • 1 Hello, World!
  • 2 Easily testing your code
  • Part I The Basic Stuff
  • 3 Values and Variables
  • 4 Functions
  • 5 Conditional Statements: If, Else, and Switch
  • 6 Meet the Loops: For, While, and Do...While!
  • 7 Timers
  • 8 Variable Scope
  • 9 Let and Const
  • 10 Closures
  • 11 Where Should Your Code Live?
  • 12 Commenting Your Code
  • Part II It's an Object-Oriented World
  • 13 Of Pizza, Types, Primitives, and Objects
  • 14 Strings
  • 15 When Primitives Behave Like Objects
  • 16 Arrays
  • 17 Numbers
  • 18 A Deeper Look at Objects
  • 19 Extending Built-in Objects
  • 20 Defining Objects as a Class
  • 21 Extending Objects
  • 22 Booleans and the Stricter === and !== Operators
  • 23 Null and Undefined
  • 24 Immediately Invoked Function Expressions
  • Part III Working with the DOM
  • 25 JS, The Browser, and The DOM
  • 26 Finding Elements in the DOM
  • 27 Modifying DOM Elements
  • 28 Styling Your Content
  • 29 Traversing the DOM
  • 30 Creating and Removing DOM Elements
  • 31 In-Browser Developer Tools
  • Part IV Dealing with Events
  • 32 Events
  • 33 Event Bubbling and Capturing
  • 34 Mouse Events
  • 35 Keyboard Events
  • 36 Page Load Events and Other Stuff
  • 37 Handling Events for Multiple Elements
  • 38 Promises and Asynchronous Events
  • Part V Web Components
  • 39 What are web components?
  • 40 Building a custom element
  • 41 Styling and the Shadow DOM
  • 42 Templates and Slots
  • Conclusion
  • Glossary
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