Developing Microservices Architecture on Azure with Open Source Technologies : 9780136819387

Developing Microservices Architecture on Azure with Open Source Technologies

Chandaka,A et al
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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Increasingly, organisations are modernising application development by integrating open source technologies into a holistic architecture for delivering high-quality workloads to the cloud. Developing Microservices Architecture on Azure with Open Source Technologies is a complete, step-by-step guide to building flexible microservices architectures by leveraging services provided by the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, and key open source technologies such as Java, Node.JS, .NET Core and Angular.

Expert Microsoft consultants Ovais Mehboob and Arvind Chandaka guide you step-by-step through a realistic case study project that illuminates key technical implementation tasks for establishing end to end infrastructure, developing cloud-native applications, automating deployment, and realising value. They show how to:
  • Identify application features and requirements, and map them onto microservices
  • Design microservices solution architectures that enable high-quality workloads
  • Develop app front ends, and build microservices with open source technologies and .NET Core
  • Leverage containerisation with Docker, Azure Kubernetes Services, Azure Container Registry, and AKS clusters
  • Make the most of Request/Response and Pub/Sub communication patterns
  • Enforce microservices app security, and use Azure AD B2C user authentication/authorisation
  • Establish API gateways that provide a unified "front door" to back-end microservices
  • Set up continuous integration and continuous monitoring with Azure DevOps
  • Monitor microservices with Azure Monitor, Prometheus, and Datadog
Table of contents
  • 1. Introduction to Microservices
  • 2. Introduction to Real-Life Case Study
  • 3. Build Microservices Architecture and Use Azure
  • 4. Develop App Front-end and Build Microservices
  • 5. Microservices on Containers
  • 6. Communication Patterns
  • 7. Security in Microservices
  • 8. Setup API Gateway
  • 9. Build and Deploy Microservices
  • 10. Monitor Microservices