Exam Ref AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals : 9780137358038

Exam Ref AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals

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Direct from Microsoft, this Exam Ref is the official study guide for the new Microsoft AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals certification exam.

Exam Ref AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals offers professional-level preparation that helps candidates maximise their exam performance and sharpen their skills on the job. It focuses on the specific areas of expertise modern IT professionals need to demonstrate real-world mastery of common machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads and how to use them in Azure. Coverage includes:
  • AI workloads and considerations
  • Fundamental principles of ML on Azure
  • Features of computer vision workloads on Azure
  • Features of Natural Language Processing (NLP) workloads on Azure
  • Features of conversational AI workloads on Azure
  • Step-by-step guidance for implementing ML/AI workloads on Azure
Microsoft Exam Ref publications stand apart from third-party study guides because they:
  • Provide guidance from Microsoft, the creator of Microsoft certification exams
  • Target professional-level exam candidates with content focused on their needs, not one-size-fits-all content
  • Streamline study by organising material according to the exams objective domain (OD), covering one functional group and its objectives in each chapter
  • Feature Thought Experiments to guide candidates through a set of what if? scenarios, and prepare them more effectively for Pro-level style exam questions
  • Explore big picture thinking around the professionals job role
Table of contents
  • 1. Describe Artificial Intelligence Workloads and Considerations
  • 2. Describe Fundamental Principles of Machine Learning on Azure
  • 3. Describe Features of Computer Vision Workloads on Azure
  • 4. Describe Features of Natural Language Processing (NLP) Workloads
  • 5. Describe Features of Conversational AI Workloads on Azure