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Orthopedic Manual Therapy (2e)

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For all courses in orthopedic manual therapy.


This extensively updated text presents all modern foundations of orthopedic manual therapy, including patient management, clinical reasoning, reflective practice, and problem solving. Its comprehensive, regional approach to the body helps therapists synthesise new research, didactic knowledge, and clinical expertise. The text first systematically explains assessment, evaluation, treatment, and contraindications. Next, it offers in-depth insights into regional musculoskeletal conditions, supported by relevant anatomy, biomechanics, examination protocols, treatment techniques, and outcomes. Scientific research is analysed to support the tests, techniques, and clinical reasoning presented. Hundreds of colour images are provided, together with extensive scientific bibliographies. This edition’s improvements include: new chapters on neurodynamics and soft tissue mobilisation; more patient cases and greater focus on clinical decision-making.

Table of contents
  • 1. Orthopedic Manual Therapy
  • 2. Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Assessment
  • 3. Orthopedic Manual Therapy Clinical Assessment
  • 4. Treatment and Re-Examination
  • 5. Manual Therapy of the Cervical Spine
  • 6. Manual Therapy of the Temporomandibular Joint
  • 7. Manual Therapy of the Thoracic
  • 8. Manual Therapy of the Shoulder Physical Examination
  • 9. Manual Therapy of the Physical Examination
  • 10. Manual Therapy of the Lumbar Patient History
  • 11. Manual Therapy of the Sacroiliac
  • 12. Manual Therapy of the Hip
  • 13. Manual Therapy of the Knee
  • 14. Manual Therapy of the Foot and Ankle
  • 15. Neurodynamics
  • 16. Soft-Tissue Mobilization
  • Glossary
  • Discussion of Case Studies
  • Index
New to this edition

Updated and expanded! Thoroughly revised to reflect the latest techniques and evidence–including more detailed sections on outcomes for each body region

  • Gives students access to the latest techniques supported by research 

Improved! More complete presentation of manual therapy–while also more concise, consistent, and efficient

  • Helps students master the discipline more quickly, without distraction 

Updated! Improved and expanded coverage of knees–including clinical and physical exams, patient histories, special clinical test, treatment techniques, outcomes, and more

  • Helps students use orthopedic manual therapies to treat knees more effectively 

New! Two new chapters–including extensive new coverage of neurodynamics and soft tissue mobilization

  • Gives students an even more comprehensive view of the available options for orthopedic manual therapy 

New! Multiple dedicated patient cases in many chapters–including videos of

selected techniques at www.myhealthprofessionskit.com

  • Enables students to watch procedure performed properly, so they can follow along and quickly master the correct technique 

Improved and expanded! Stronger emphasis on clinical decision making–including models of decision making, and decision aids such as clinical prediction rules and within- and between-session findings

  • Helps students make the best possible decisions about treatment options

Expanded! More home exercise activities–promoting effective carryover of care

  • Helps students improve the effectiveness of treatment by teaching clients how to exercise at home

Revised: New anatomy and arthrological elements–now collected and presented online at www.myhealthprofessionskit.com

  • Gives students access to crucial contextual material without distracting them from key concepts and skills
Features & benefits

Comprehensive, integrated section on techniques—representing a wide variety of manual therapy philosophies

  • Enables therapists to compare and investigate the most appropriate method of intervention for each patient

Detailed step by step procedures—brings needed consistency to the performance of each technique

  • Guides students through each procedure, building mastery and confidence 

Standardised examination method—helps students master systematic examination techniques that represent today’s best standards of care

  • Ensures that students examine patients thoroughly, using the best available techniques

700+ colour pictures—facilitating a clearer understanding of each technique

  • Helps students intuitively understand the techniques presented, and quickly apply them

Thorough review of biomechanics and theories of manual therapy—objectively assessing theories, and pointing out myths and dogma unsupported by scientific research

  • Helps students focus on techniques that can be shown to work 

Evidence-based throughout—presenting evidence for interventions, and supporting them with detailed bibliographies for further investigation

  • Enables students to participate more effectively in evidence-based care
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