The Helping Relationship: Process and Skills (8e) : 9780205355204

The Helping Relationship: Process and Skills (8e)

Brammer & Macdonald
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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The Helping Relationship is a text for learning and teaching basic philosophy, helping skills, and processes that are essential grounding for most professions and for all human-contact occupations.

The Helping Relationship presents and illustrates skills in the order in which they are used in the helping process. The primary emphasis in the helping process is to promote self-help, such as coping competence, to solve one’s own problems and draw on one’s own inner strengths.

Table of contents
  • Preface.
  • 1. Helping: What does it mean?
  • 2. Characteristics of helpers.
  • 3. The helping process.
  • 4. Helping skills for understanding.
  • 5. Helping skills for loss and crisis.
  • 6. Helping skills for positive action and behavior change.
  • 7. Ethical issues in helping relationships.
  • 8. Thinking about the helping process.
  • Bibliography.
  • Index.
New to this edition
  • Newly revised material on multicultural awareness in the helping process to help students work more effectively with differences in race, culture, economic status, and religion.
  • Discusses current applications of helping skills for coping with crises caused by natural and human-caused disasters, especially the newer threats of terrorism.
  • Includes increased discussion of ethical, personal, and process problems of beginning helpers to increase their awareness of pitfalls in helping.
  • Contains expanded treatment of spiritual development and the helping process.
  • Discusses the implications of positive psychology trends in the helping process that affect hope and optimism.
Features & benefits
  • Provides a systematic approach to helping skills and processes, while avoiding use of psychological jargon, to aid beginning students’ learning.
  • Incorporates examples from many professions and settings to broaden awareness of the wide applications of helping skills.
  • Presents a multicultural focus and illustrations to increase the student’s recognition of the range of human differences.
  • Provides students with a rationale for selecting the right skill for the right time and problem.
  • Discusses the applications of technology to the helping process.