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Managing Business and Professional Communication (3e)

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Managing Business and Professional Communication provides students with strategies to manage effectively the communication challenges they will encounter.


The text tailors communication concepts to the unique demands of the workplace environment.


Managing Business and Professional Communication surpasses the coverage of traditional communication texts to address the most recent surveys of expected workplace competencies: exhibiting leadership; managing organisational culture, communication style differences, and conflict; dealing with difficult people; improving cultural diversity and intercultural communication; listening and interpersonal communication; groups and teams; written communication; technology, social media and networking; and interviewing, selling, and negotiating successfully.


Managing Business and Professional Communication not only prepares students for relevant, informative, and persuasive public presentations in the workplace, but also prepares them to manage cultural diversity, sales, customer-service, audits, briefings/reports, team-building, and other communication proficiencies vital for success in today’s workplace.

Table of contents
  • CHAPTER       1          Introducing Business and Professional Communication 1
  • CHAPTER       2          Managing Leadership Communication in Organizational Cultures
  • CHAPTER       3          Managing Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace
  • CHAPTER       4          Managing Listening Communication in the Workplace
  • CHAPTER       5        Managing Nonverbal Communication in the Workplace
  • CHAPTER       6          Managing Communication Conflict in the Workplace
  • CHAPTER       7          Managing Intercultural Communication in the Workplace
  • CHAPTER       8       Managing Group Communication and Workplace Teams
  • CHAPTER       9          Managing Interviews in the Workplace
  • CHAPTER       10        Managing Public Presentations in the Workplace
  • CHAPTER       11        Managing Presentational Skills in the Workplace
  • CHAPTER       12        Managing Informative Presentations in the Workplace
  • CHAPTER       13        Managing Persuasive Presentations in the Workplace
  • CHAPTER       14        Managing Customers and Client Communication and Sales



New to this edition
  • Highlights new communication competencies, based on the most recent surveys of communication proficiency available, including Butcher’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) report, to provide students with focused skills that can be applied in the workplace.
  • Includes additional emphasis on organizational patterns within chapters, to help students clearly identify and follow key points.
  • Places new emphasis on the link between organizational culture and leadership to help students understand the importance of contextualizing leadership within the boundaries of personal style and organizational culture.
  • Features an updated review of customer service communication, giving students the most current information needed to succeed as a communication professional right from the start.
  • Includes a new chapter on listening in the workplace, helping students excel at this crucial skill.
  • Provides concepts and skills for written business communication, and the use of technology and social media
Features & benefits
  • Puts theory into action with real-world cases and critical incidents, providing opportunities for application, problem solving, and insight into the everyday workplace.
  • Coaches students on practical techniques and strategies for navigating the workplace and the Internet with "Skills at Work" and "The Web at Work" features in each chapter.
  • Helps students understand their own strengths and weaknesses through numerous communication assessments.
  • Prepares students for most entry-level and mid-management positions within sections on customer relations communication, sales and marketing presentations, and briefings/reports, even an elevator speech.
  • Examines the importance of cultural diversity awareness in business, imparting a framework for understanding one's co-workers, increasing satisfaction and productivity in the workplace.
  • Covers conflict in the workplace and conflict management opportunities, offering insight and skills to help students heighten performance and problem solving on the job.
  • Updates coverage of resume writing and goes beyond the traditional, showing students how to create professional looking electronic and scannable resumes along with other written communication skills such as letters and reports.
  • Addresses relational sales skills, identifying competencies such as setting up persuasive interviews and using a consultative relational approach, equipping students with the skills necessary to succeed in what may be their first sales, marketing, or customer service positions.
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