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Think Public Relations (2e)

Wilcox & Cameron
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The engaging visual design of THINK Public Relations provides an introduction to the field of public relations in an easy-to-read format.  Students are introduced to exciting and innovative public relations campaign examples while learning the theory and core concepts that they will need to succeed in their career. The authors offer a practical approach to the study of public relations and emphasise competition and conflict management.

Table of contents
  • Chapter 1: What is Public Relations?  
  • Chapter 2: Careers in Public Relations
  • Chapter 3: The Growth of a Profession 
  • Chapter 4: Today's Practice: Departments and Firms  
  • Chapter 5: Research and Campaign Planning
  • Chapter 6: Communication and Measurement  
  • Chapter 7: Public Opinion and Persuasion 
  • Chapter 8: Managing Competition and Conflict  
  • Chapter 9: Ethics and the Law    
  • Chapter 10: Reaching Diverse Audiences
  • Chapter 11: The Mass Media
  • Chapter 12: The Internet and Social Media  
  • Chapter 13: Events and Promotions
  • Chapter 14: Global Public Relations
  • Chapter 15: Corporate Public Relations  
  • Chapter 16: Entertainment, Sports, and Tourism
  • Chapter 17: Government and Politics
  • Chapter 18: Nonprofit, Health, and Education 
New to this edition


  • All text and figures have been revised for currency.
  • Many of the photos have been updated with new images.
  • All chapter-opening photos have been replaced.
  • New topics include:
    • Costa Concordia cruise disaster (pp. 343-344),
    • Occupy Wall Street protests (ex. p. 245)
    • 2010 Census Results (ex. p. 211)
    • New data on Public Relations in China and India (ex. p. 300)
    • Updated information on public relations in Russia (ex. p. 219)
    • The SOPA/PIPA laws


  • All PR Casebook feature material is new to this edition. New PR Casebook titles include: (ex. p. 8, 30)
    • PR, Advertising, and Marketing Combine Forces to Change the Reputation of “Junk” Food
    • My Summer as a New York Fashion Intern
    • Lee advises Rockefeller and the Coal Industry
    • Ogilvy and LG Team Up to Raise Technology Awareness through a Texting Championship
    • Zumba and Komen Party in Pink to Support Breast Cancer Research
    • “Don’t be That Guy” Campaign Fights Binge Drinking
    • Handguns in America
    • Free Silva
    • Facebook Campaign Raises an Ethical Ruckus Reaching Emerging Youth and Male Audiences
    • Saving the Arctic with Iconic Brand Mascots
    • American Airlines Soars and Penn State Crashes
    • Cars and Comedy Benefit Boys and Girls Clubs
    • Happiness Ambassadors Lead Convergent Media Campaign for Coke
    • Macy’s Strives to Activate Millennials
    • Racing Sausages Win Fans’ Hearts
    • USDA introduces New Food Plate for Nutrition
    • WebRoots: Grassroots Public Relations Campaigns
  • All the between-chapter Tactics readings have been replaced with new readings. Annotated articles include: (ex. p. 22, 66)
    • “Seattle PR firm reveals efforts to free Amanda Knox,” Puget Sound Business Journal
    • “Stories Promoting Water District Can’t be Found,” The Los Angeles Times
    • “Of Lowe’s, ‘All-American Muslim,’ and Facebook Home Page Improvement,” Social Media Insider
    • “PR Firms Turn London into the Capital of Reputation Laundering,” The Guardian Weekly
    • “Mexico Leans on PR to Lure Back Tourists,” Advertising Age
    • “Greenpeace versus Mattel: A Social Media Battle Over Rain Forests,” The Los Angeles Times Blog
  • New Social Media in Action features include: (ex. p. 192, 215)
    • Beware of Bamboozling Blogger
    • Beyond Facebook and Twitter: QR codes, CSCs, and StarStar Numbers
    • Diversity Shows Up in Social Media Use
    • Firms Tweet to Self-Promote
    • Measuring Social Media
    • Facebook Friends = Brain Power?
    • Persuading Citizens to Join the U.S. Army
    • Social Media and the BP Oil Spill Crisis
    • Challenges Arise in Social Media RegulationA Comfortable Discussion or Too Much Information?
    • YouTube Video Challenges Stereotype: Community Crafts its Own PSA
    • On Campus and In the Kitchen
    • Are You A Mayor?
    • Making the Most of Social Networks Around the World
    • LinkedIn as a Corporate Public Relations Tactic?
    • Celebrities Thrive or Crash in 140 Characters
    • Seeing the Light: Social Media in Politics
    • Fostering Continuous Interaction among Donors through Social Media


  • All Chapter Opening Cases are new to this edition except for the Chapter 1 Case, which was significantly updated. New Chapter Opening Cases include: (ex. p. 205, 225)
    • “Robust” and Increasingly Integrated
    • The Advancement of Women
    • Texting Program Reaches Out to Mothers
    • Tapping Into Research Helps Ensure Success
    • An Interesting Campaign for a “Most Interesting” Beer
    • Going Green: Everybody’s Doing It
    • Good Intentions Go Further With Smart PR
    • Helping a Tyrant Burnish his Image
    • Engaging Ethnic Audiences
    • A Varied Campaign helps Slurpee Unite America
    • Tweeting the Revolution
    • Mr. Bubble Turns 50 with a Splash
    • Bono: "PR Man" for the World’s Poor
    • Netflix Announcements Draw Consumer Ire
    • Internal and External Expectations Shape Tourism PR in Egypt
    • Faith-Based Advocacy Comes of Age
    • Nu Val and Nutrition Keys vs. The Food and Drug Administration


Features & benefits


  • Designed for today's students, THINK Public Relations features a clean, open, full-color, engaging visual design with exciting infographics.
  • THINK Public Relations retails for less than half the cost of most introductory Public Relations textbooks.


  • Tactics, current readings with annotations, provide relevant current examples of key concepts as they appear in primary sources. Readings are annotated with questions from the text’s authors to help improve comprehension.
  • PR Casebooks, featured in each chapter, offer students an in-depth look at a real-world campaign and encourages reflection through critical thinking questions. 
  • Social Media in Action features are included in every chapter. These case studies focus on social media tactics in real-world PR campaigns. Each Social Media in Action ends with 2-3 open-ended questions to facilitate reader involvement and comprehension.
  • THINK light bulb questions throughout allow students to hone their critical thinking skills as they read.
  • Apply Your Knowledge exercises encourage students to apply what they have learned in the chapter to a contemporary situation in order to polish their public relations acumen.
  • End-of-chapter material features a bulleted list summary to help students quickly and efficiently review key topics, as well as questions for review and discussion to allow readers to test their understanding of chapter material.


  • Chapter-opening essays about actual campaigns capture students’ attention and highlight applications of essential chapter topics. Open-ended questions at the end of each essay help focus the reader on the most important questions addressed in the chapter.
  • BTW… boxes encourage reader to explore current topics of importance in today’s workplace in more depth.


  • Ethics in Action boxes introduce readers to the important ethical and legal issues facing public relations practitioners today.

Author biography

Dennis L. Wilcox, Ph.D., is professor emeritus of public relations and past director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at San Jose State University, California. He is a Fellow and accredited (APR) member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), former chair of the PRSA Educator’s Academy, and past chair of the public ­relations division of Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). Dr. Wilcox has written six books, including being the lead author of Public Relations Strategies and Tactics and Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques. His honors include PRSA’s “Outstanding Educator,” the Xifra-Award from the University of Girona (Spain), and an honorary doctorate from the University of Bucharest.


Glen T. Cameron, Ph.D., is Gregory Chair in Journalism ­Research and founder of the Health Communication ­Research Center at the University of Missouri. Dr. Cameron has authored more than 300 articles, chapters, award-­winning conference ­papers, and books on public relations topics. A popular lecturer internationally, Dr. Cameron has received the Baskett-Mosse and Pathfinder awards for ­career achievement. The University of ­Missouri honored him in 2006 with the 21st Century Corps of Discovery Lectureship, which is given once each year by a globally recognized campus scholar. Dr. Cameron’s ongoing public ­relations ­experience includes his management of more than $42 million in external funding of health public relations projects from sources such as the ­National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute, Missouri Foundation for Health, the U.S. ­Department of Agriculture, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S Department of Defense, and Monsanto.


Bryan H. Reber, Ph.D., is associate professor of public ­relations at the University of Georgia, Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. Dr. Reber teaches courses that offer an introduction to public relations, management, writing, and campaigns. On the graduate level, he teaches classes in topics including management, persuasion, campaign research, and public opinion. His research focuses on public relations theory, practice, pedagogy, and health communication and has been published in the Journal of Public Relations Research, Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, Journal of Health Communication, Public Relations Review, and Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media. Dr. Reber regularly presents his research at national and international academic conferences.


Jae-Hwa Shin, Ph.D., Mph., is associate professor in the School of Mass Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern Mississippi. Dr. Shin is widely recognised as a prolific researcher in the field of public relations and has ­actively participated in the emerging development of public relations theory.

She co-authored Public Relations ­Today: Managing Conflict and Competition, a text that incorporates her research, teaching, and professional experience. In addition, she has published her research in peer-reviewed journals such as Public ­Relations Review, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Science Communication Journal, and Journal of Communication in Health Care. Dr. Shin is an active presenter at national and ­international conferences such as those sponsored by the ­International Communication Association, National Communication Association, and Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. 

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