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Systems Analysis and Design (2e)

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This text, now in its second edition, covers the whole spectrum of activities necessary for the analysis, design and implementation of computer-based information and data processing systems. The book is directly relevant to students on HND, degree and professional courses.

Table of contents

1.  The Context for Analysis and Design
2.  Approaches to Analysis and Design
3.  Communicating with People
4.  Building better systems
5.  Project Management
6.  Systems Analysis:  Concepts
7.  Systems Analysis:  Planning the Approach
8.  Systems Analysis:  Asking questions and collecting data
9. Systems Analysis:  Recording the Information
10. Object Orientated Methods
11. Systems Analysis: Modelling Systems Behaviour
12. Systems Analysis: Meeting Business Requirements
13. From Analysis to Design
14. Systems Design:  Information Security
15. Systems Design: Human-Computer Interface
16. Systems Design:  System Interfaces
17. Systems Design: Logical Data Design
18. Systems Design: Files
19. Systems Design: Databases
20. Systems Design: Physical Data Design
21. Systems Design: Data Communications
22. Systems Implementation
23. Change Management
24. The future of Systems Analysis and Design Case Studies Index
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ISEB Qualifications Explained

New to this edition

  • This new edition covers all of the topics examined within the Information Systems Examinations Board's Diploma syllabus for systems analysis and design.
  • A new chapter that loks towards future developments, drawing on the expertise of leading practitioners.
  • A new extended case study that relates theory to real business experience.
  • More material on ethics and the BCS code of conduct.
  • More challenging exercises and cases.
  • New material on OO analysis and design and information security
  • Further reading and web references.

Features & benefits

  • The authors emphasise the role of people, management and quality issues.
  • Practical and business realities are considered in relation to SAD.
  • The technical details are set within and understandable business and practitioner context throughout.
  • Coverage includes new hardware, methodologies, interactive developments and E-commerce.