The Business of Sport Management (2e) : 9780273721338

The Business of Sport Management (2e)

Beech, Chadwick
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Pearson United Kingdom
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Over the first decade of the 21st century the scale and importance of the commercial sport industry has increased dramatically and rapidly. This edition of the ground-breaking text The Business of Sport Management has been comprehensively revised, updated and significantly expanded in scope to meet the needs of today’s sports management students, and equip future managers with the tools they need to succeed. 

Elegantly blending theory with practice, the text looks first at the distinctive context of sport organisations.  It then examines the sport management theories and practice within functional areas such as finance, HRM, marketing and strategy.  Finally it considers important issues such as risk management, sponsorship, retailing, social media, sports betting and more. Written with a thoroughly international perspective, this book is ideal for students of sports management on programmes of sports, leisure and business studies, and will also be of great interest to practitioners working in sport businesses.

Table of contents
  • Preface
  • Section A – The Context of Sport
  • 1 Introduction: The Commercialisation of Sport, John Beech & Simon Chadwick
  • 2 Governance in Sport, John Beech
  • 3 Ethics in Sport, Leon Culbertson, Mike McNamee & Emily Ryall
  • 4 The Role of the State in Sport, Chris Parker & Alan Barnard
  • 5 The Economics of Competitive Balance in Sport, Jon Guest
  • 6 The Impacts of Sport, Robert Kaspar & Sebastian Kaiser
  • Section B - Business Functions applied to Sport
  • 7 Organisational Behaviour in Sport Organisations, John Old
  • 8 Human Resource Management in Sport, Terrence Wendell Brathwaite
  • 9 Branding and Marketing in Sport, Norm O’Reilly, Ted Graham & Lindsay Rennie
  • 10   Sports Finance, Michael Barker
  • 11   Managing small and not-for-profit sports organisations, Cameron O’Beirne
  • 12   Strategy and Environmental Analysis in Sport, Andy Adcroft
  • 13   Managing Sport Operations: Quality, Performance and Control, Terri Byers
  • 14 The Internet, Online Social Networks, and the Fan Digital Experience, Boris Helleu & Maxence Karoutchi
  • Section C – Sport Management Issues
  • 15 Sports and the Law, Karen Bill & Simon Gardiner
  • 16   Sport Event and Facility Management, Dave Arthur
  • 17   Sport Sponsorship and Endorsement, Des Thwaites & Yue Meng
  • 18   Sport Broadcasting, Harry Arne Solberg
  • 19   Risk Management in Sport, Dominic Elliott
  • 20   The Sports Betting Industry, David Morris
  • 21   Sports Retailing and Merchandising, Leigh Sparks
  • 22   Sports Media and PR, Steve Dittmore
  • 23   The Internationalisation of Sport, Simon Chadwick
  • 24 Sports Agents and Intermediaries, Anna Semens
New to this edition

    • Each original chapter has been extensively updated to present new developments in theory, contain current case studies and incorporate the latest sources.

    • Seven entirely new chapters vastly expand the book’s scope and address a multitude of contemporary issues, such as the economics of competition, sports branding, social networking and the online fan experience, sports media and PR, agents and intermediaries, and the internationalisation of sport.

    • Includes new material on governance and ethics.

Features & benefits
  • All chapters are written by leading international academics and practitioners in their field, contributing a considerable breadth of expertise,coverage and enthusiasm for the subject.
  • A wealth of case studies and stimulating examples drawn from a wide range of sports around the world encourage students to apply the theory to familiar real life scenarios.
  • Learning outcomes, questions, exercises and suggestions for further study are included throughout the text to help students structure their progress.
  • Tailored to meet the needs of sport management students outside the US.
Author biography

John Beech is a Senior Research Fellow at Coventry University, where he is the Head of Sport and Tourism at the Centre for Sustainable Regeneration

Simon Chadwick is Professor of Sport Business Strategy and Marketing, and Director of the Centre for the International Business of Sport, at Coventry University.