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Essentials of Marketing Research eBook

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Pearson United Kingdom
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About the book: Essentials of Marketing Research offers a balance of contemporary theory, European case material and software to help students to understand and apply the principles of designing and conducting high quality quantitative and qualitative marketing research and to give them the study skills to confidently design all stages of the marketing research process.

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Table of contents
Introduction to marketing research
1. Defining marketing research problems.
2. The nature and development of a research design.
3. Using secondary data from internal and external sources
4. Qualitative research – its nature and approaches
5. Qualitative techniques
6. Qualitative data analysis
7. Survey and quantitative observation techniques
8. Measurements and scaling: fundamentals and techniques
9. Questionnaire design
10. Sampling: fundamentals and techniques
11. Fieldwork and data preparation
12. Frequency distributions, cross tabulation and hypothesis testing
13. Report preparation and presentation
14. International marketing research
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