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Leisure:An Introduction

Page, Connell
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Pearson United Kingdom
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Leisure: An Introduction provides a broad and lively understanding of the meaning, significance and scope of leisure in modern day society. The book achieves this by exploring key concepts and theories, along with examples and case studies, to illustrate the complexity of leisure. The authors offer a global and interdisciplinary perspective on the main issues associated with the study of leisure and highlight the evolution and development of many of the key debates in the field of leisure studies. 

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Leisure
Chapter 2: The Historical Analysis of Leisure
Chapter 3: Leisure - The Social Context
Chapter 4 : Demand for Leisure, Leisure Participation and Leisure Behaviour
Chapter 5: Supply for Leisure: Leisure Places, Spaces and Environments
Chapter 6: The Public, Private and Voluntary Sectors in Leisure Provision
Chapter 7: Planning, Managing and Marketing Leisure
Chapter 8: Urban Leisure
Chapter 9: Leisure and the experience economy: The cultural industries and entertainment
Chapter 10: Coastal Leisure
Chapter 11: Rural Leisure
Chapter 12: The Future of Leisure

Features & benefits

  • Accessible writing style helps students to engage with the key debates and concepts associated with the study of leisure whilst avoiding theoretical jargon
  • Covers pertinent issues such as gaming, youth culture, and children and leisure along with cutting edge themes such as leisure and the cultural industries.
  • Diagrams and tables add value to the explanation of concepts and ideas and help to simplify the nature of the issues surrounding the concepts
  • Case studies in every chapter illustrate historical and contemporary themes
  • Additional case studies are provided on the Companion Website