Sociology: A Global Introduction (5e) : 9780273727910

Sociology: A Global Introduction (5e)

Macionis, John et al
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Pearson United Kingdom
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Sociology: A Global Introduction represents a uniquely co-ordinated and complete learning resource for sociology students worldwide. International in outlook and culturally wide-ranging, it also reminds us that sociology is valuable. Unrivalled in breadth, it is a text of passion and sophistication helping you become an active, connected and critical learner.

Table of contents
  • Part One: Introducing Sociology
  • 1 The Sociological Imagination
  • 2 Thinking Sociologically, Thinking Globally
  • 3 Studying the Social: An Introduction to Sociological Method
  • Part Two: The Foundations of Society: From Macro to Micro
  • 4 Societies
  • 5 Culture
  • 6 Groups, Organisations and the Rise of the Network Society
  • 7 Micro-sociology: The Social Construction of Everyday Life
  • Part Three: The Unequal World: Difference, Division and Social Stratification
  • 8 Inequality, Social Divisions and Social Stratification
  • 9 Global Poverty/Global Inequality
  • 10   Class, Poverty and Welfare: The Case of the UK
  • 11   Racism, Ethnicities and Migration
  • 12   The Gender Order and Sexualities
  • 13   Age Stratification, Children and Later Life
  • 14   Disabilities, Care and the Humanitarian Society
  • Part Four: Social Structures, Social Practices and Social Institutions
  • 15   Economies, Work and Consumption
  • 16   Power, Governance and Social Movements
  • 17   Control, Crime and Deviance
  • 18   Families, Personal Life and Living Together
  • 19   Religion and belief
  • 20   Education
  • 21   Health, Medicine and Well-being
  • 22   Communication and the New Media
  • 23   Science, Cyberspace and the Risk Society
  • Part Five: Social Change and the Twenty-First Century
  • 24   Populations, Cities and the Space of Things to Come
  • 25   Social Change and the Environment
  • 26   Living in the Twenty-First Century
  • Part Six: Resources for Critical Thinking: Creating Sociological Imaginations
New to this edition

  • All major statistics, maps, web sites, data and references updated to reflect the latest thinking
  • New sections on theory along with new theorist boxes on Patricia Hill Collins, Judith Butler, Raewyn Connell, John Urry, and Norman Denzin
  • Significant new sections on music, social inequalities and mental health
  • New material on subjects ranging from the sociological citizen and digital methods to celebrities and the sociology of happiness
  • New coverage on theocracy in Iran, poverty in Afghanistan, drugs and the narco state and the Human Millennium Development Goals
  • Author blog with material on current and 'hot' topics (written by Ken Plummer)

Features & benefits
  • Global, cultural and ‘digital’ turns highlighted throughout. Images, film, DVD and novels are linked online, which constantly illustrate, illuminate and underpin the theory
  • Informative maps, graphical representations of data, and thought-provoking photographs make the text visually appealing
  • My Task List sections for each chapter provide guidance on websites to investigate, DVDs to watch, reading to do, questions, and the big debates in sociology ranging from whether religion is in decline or crime is inevitable
  • Part 6 Resources for Critical Thinking is an extensive and unique resource bringing together key words, video lists, a major webliography, reading lists, YouTube links and key organisations