Sociology: A Global Introduction VitalSource eText (5e) : 9780273727927

Sociology: A Global Introduction VitalSource eText (5e)

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Pearson United Kingdom
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About the book

Sociology: a global introduction represents a uniquely co-ordinated and complete learning resource for sociology students worldwide. International in outlook and culturally wide-ranging, it also reminds us that sociology is valuable. Unrivalled in breadth, it is a text of passion and sophistication helping you become an active, connected and critical learner.

Table of contents
Part One: Introducing Sociology
1 The Sociological Imagination
2 Thinking Sociologically, Thinking Globally
3 Studying the Social: An Introduction to Sociological Method

Part Two: The Foundations of Society: From Macro to Micro
4 Societies
5 Culture
6 Groups, Organisations and the Rise of the Network Society
7 Micro-sociology: The Social Construction of Everyday Life

Part Three: The Unequal World: Difference, Division and Social Stratification
8 Inequality, Social Divisions and Social Stratification
9 Global Poverty/Global Inequality
10 Class, Poverty and Welfare: The Case of the UK
11 Racism, Ethnicities and Migration
12 The Gender Order and Sexualities
13 Age Stratification, Children and Later Life
14 Disabilities, Care and the Humanitarian Society

Part Four: Social Structures, Social Practices and Social Institutions
15 Economies, Work and Consumption
16 Power, Governance and Social Movements
17 Control, Crime and Deviance
18 Families, Personal Life and Living Together
19 Religion and belief
20 Education
21 Health, Medicine and Well-being
22 Communication and the New Media
23 Science, Cyberspace and the Risk Society

Part Five: Social Change and the Twenty-First Century
24 Populations, Cities and the Space of Things to Come
25 Social Change and the Environment
26 Living in the Twenty-First Century

Part Six: Resources for Critical Thinking: Creating Sociological Imaginations
1 Films
2 Novels
3 Art and sociology
4 Time and space
5 Websites
6 YouTube
7 Key social thinkers
8 World statistics
9 Big debates of our time
10 Abbreviations and acronyms
11 Glossary
12 References
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